Iba ‘Yan gives back to valiant, hardworking delivery riders in latest episode

Due to the community quarantine and limited access to public transportation, some Filipinos have relied more on online delivery services. However, our devoted and hardworking delivery riders still face everyday challenges including cancelled bookings, scam orders, the possibility of accidents, and most of all, the threat of acquiring the COVID-19. Thus, Iba ‘Yan paid tribute to them in its latest episode last January 18.

In spite of the wicked misdeeds done to them by some customers, there are still some people who show compassion towards our so-called “modern-day heroes”. One of them was Zhar Taha, a security guard who shared the groceries and money he received last Christmas to a delivery rider. Another one was business owner Rome Cuevas who, together with his neighbors, helped 16 delivery riders who got scammed by an unknown customer by paying for the foods ordered through their app. Actress Dimples Romana and her husband Boyet have also been showing care to the delivery riders that pass by their house by serving them something to eat and drink.

Host Angel Locsin got to meet one of our modern-day heroes Nomer Deguit. After graduating in college, Nomer experienced working as a computer technician, a security guard, and a factory worker. He has been a delivery rider for five years already, which began when he got inspired by the riders that he saw passing by when he was still a security guard. He was able to talk to one of them and that rider helped him get into the company he’s been working now.

As the number of riders continue to grow especially during this pandemic, Nomer’s income has relatively gone low compared to what he used to earn before. That’s why, he is compelled to work for as much as 10-12 hours just to have enough money for his family. Some of the challenges he encounters in his everyday work are the presence of huge vehicles like trucks, the rainy season, getting lost, and customers who would complain. Nomer has also encountered fake or scam booking and during that time, his money was just Php 1,000 and the order amounted to more than a thousand.

The pandemic also really affected Nomer and his family. Being the only breadwinner, he works as much as he can just to provide not just for his wife and three kids, but for their relatives as well.

Even though Nomer has been facing more problems because of the pandemic, he doesn’t forget to share his blessings to the homeless. In fact, he has his own YouTube channel titled “Channel of Blessings” where he documents how he helps the needy through giving them food or money as much as he could. He’s also able to inspire other riders through his “Tip Ko, Ibigay Ko” Challenge.

Iba ‘Yan helped him through providing cash assistance for his house rent and an egg business which can be his other source of income. He also received groceries for his family and grocery packs from Sagip Kapamilya, which he can share to other people who are in need.

Another hardworking delivery rider that Angel got to meet was Jackielyn Geronimo. In pursuit of providing for her child and mother, she tried working as a house helper, vendor, and sales agent for a cable provider before a friend of hers helped her to become a delivery rider. Despite the challenges, she went on to love the job because she has a more flexible schedule that enables her to still have time for her family.

Her daughter Frankie Geronimo described her mom as a very responsible, caring, and loving parent. And since her job is prone to danger, she couldn’t help but be worried for her. So, she simply prays for her safety. At the same time, she’s also proud of her mother as she was able to prove that she can keep pace in a job dominated by men.

Jackielyn also sacrifices her time with her mother as she limits her physical interaction with her mother since she wants to assure her safety before everything. Just like Nomer, she has been earning around 500 pesos only which is comparatively low than her income before. One of the challenges that she encountered is whenever her motorcycle gets broken.

Thus, in order to help her, Iba ‘Yan gave her cash assistance for the repair of her motorcycle. She also received maintenance medicines for her mother and grocery packages.

Another devoted delivery rider was Malou Blen. Like Jackielyn, she’s also a single mom to her child and has to take good care of her stroke-stricken mother. Before working as a food delivery rider, she used to work abroad as a housekeeper. She initially tried using bicycle for work, but since it was difficult for her, she decided to use a motorcycle instead, which she still has to pay for the balances continuously.

It was not only her who works in the food delivery service industry as her siblings and her brother-in-law are riders as well. Malou said that she’ll do everything in order to provide a good future to her daughter, who’s currently attending online school.

Since her income is just enough for their basic needs, she has to share the phone she uses for work to her kid every time she has online school. At the same time, Malou also has to take good care of her mother who’s suffering from stroke. The pandemic has also terribly affected her income since there has been a huge competition among the riders since the start of the pandemic, which has made it harder for her to budget her money to cover all their needs.

Iba ‘Yan gave her two beds – one for her and one for her mother – as well as maintenance medicine and free check-up for her mother. She also received one unit of tablet with pocket Wi-Fi for her daughter’s online schooling. Lastly, she was also given cash assistance for the payment of her motorcycle.

Angel gathered the three of them by the end of the episode to give Nomer, Jackielyn, and Malou more surprises, such as sanitation kits, motorcycle maintenance kits, one-month gas allowance, accident insurance, raincoats, and grocery packages.

She wrapped up the episode by reminding the viewers how life is similar to the plight of delivery riders. There may be a lot of obstructions, bumps, hitches, and traffic along the way, but we should keep our eyes focused on our destinations and motivations in order to get through with life. It’s not also a sin to take some rest whenever you feel exhausted since we all need that in order for us to keep on going.

How about you, Kapamilya? How  far you can go to be a hero for other people’s lives?