Iba ‘Yan, Angel Locsin catches up on people, groups whose stories inspired viewers in the past year

In the past year, we have witnessed countless uplifting and inspirational stories on Iba ‘Yan, ABS-CBN’s public service program that exhibited the incredible strength of Filipinos as we reach for our dreams, and be of service to our family and loved ones at the same time.

As the program nears its first anniversary, it took us back to some of the stories that moved and touched our hearts, and how they have enriched the blessings they have received ever since they were featured on the show, in its latest episode last Sunday, May 23.

Last March 21, host Angel Locsin met three standup comedians whose lives have changed after the pandemic struck the country. One of them was Anthony “Supremo” Andres, a comedian-slash-magician whose talent was more appreciated when he joined the “Funny One” segment of It’s Showtime. Before, his career was certainly going well as his able to provide enough for his family, until the pandemic came that took a toll on him as he completely lost all his bookings for performances. But despite the situation, he still chose to help his fellow magicians whenever he could.

Aside from the free eye checkup and the surgery of the left eye of his father, Iba ‘Yan, together with the Asian Eye Institute, also pledged to cover the expenses for the operation of his father’s right eye, as well as gave their family an egg business package. His earnings from the egg business were then used to invest for their food business they called “Pares Garahe”.

Another standup comic that Angel was able to talk to was Mango Reyes, who, as the eldest child, assumed the huge responsibility of taking good care and providing for his family at an early age. When he finally joined the comedy industry, he had the opportunity to work abroad that enabled him to build a house and buy a car for his family. Although the situation has been very hard for Mango because of the pandemic, he’s still very grateful that he can still hold live shows through online streaming.

When the Iba ‘Yan team visited Mango, he shared that the ring light he received just came right in time since the old one he was using already got broken, while the burger business package has been a great help for his family as it provided them extra income.

In January 31, Angel then met Angeline Feliciano, a loving and devoted mother of two children with Down Syndrome. She didn’t deny that it’s very challenging to raise children with special needs, especially because apart from that, they both have heart condition, too. Thus, Angeline is grateful to be supported by her parents in raising them.

After almost four months, Angeline shared that the sari-sari store package has been helping their family a lot in their daily needs. She has also noticed the improvement in the cognitive skills of her kids with the help of the sensory toys they received.

On that same episode, we also got to meet Amy Alquiroz, a loving mother of a young man with Down Syndrome named Renz. Despite his condition, she’s very grateful that Renz grew up normally just like how other people do and insisted on getting a job to be able to help his family. Amy shared that Renz has been using the stationary bike for his 30-minute workouts everyday, while the planetary mixer has been a great help in their online pastry business. Iba ‘Yan also sent more medications for Amy’s gallstones.

Iba ‘Yan also visited the family of Michael and Angela Alonzo, who are among the beneficiaries of the “Blessed to Bless” Project initiated by couple Romeo and Jessel Sayson that has helped the jobless blind massage therapists. Aside from the additional products and food cart to help them earn more income for their daily needs and gadgets for their kids’ online schooling, Angel told them that they would also have the eyes of Angela and their son Ralph checked.

Angela successfully underwent three operations – one on the right eye and two on the left eye – while Ralph had one and is now waiting for his eye grade to stabilize. Thus, from being legally blind according to Dr. Amadeo Veloso, Jr., Angela’s eyesight has improved, while Ralph is now able to do more things and fulfill more duties both at home and school. Apart from being able to read properly and see jeepney signboards easily unlike before, he’s given the opportunity to become a national athlete as well and will be flying to Bahrain for an international competition.

The team also checked on how Wipe Every Tear, a faith-based organization that helps exploited women who were victims of sex trafficking, has been doing since it was featured on the show. Its founder, Rebecca “Mama Becks” Angeles, shared that the sewing machines have helped three girls learn how to do the craft of sewing that enabled them to successfully sell their products online. As for the raw materials that were given by Iba ‘Yan, it was indeed a great help because it served as their starting capital in producing more products, while the cash donations were put into their general fund. Wipe Every Tear has also been very busy in their outreach program, where they do food distributions thrice a week. Iba ‘Yan also got to talk to Claire Abayon, one of the girls helped by Wipe Every Tear, who shared that she’s been part of the livelihood program of the organization that allows her to help her family.

Lastly, Iba ‘Yan was able to catch up on Ricky Ducas Jr., too, the founder of Anxiety and Depression Support Group in Baguio City that gives people, especially the youth, access to professional help for their mental health. In order to help the organization in spreading awareness to people, Iba ‘Yan held a webinar with experts and guest speakers last February. Ricky shared that ever since they were featured on the program, a lot of people have been sending their support for the organization that has enabled them to run their neurological, psychological, and psychiatric consultation program in the past three months. Ricky is very grateful for the good Samaritan from United Kingdom who funded this program that has helped over 200 patients already in the entire Cordillera region.

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