Beneficiaries thank Angel Locsin, Iba ‘Yan for life-changing assistance

For its August 16 episode, Iba ‘Yan looked back at those inspiring Filipinos the show helped and supported and how their efforts changed and improved their lives. These beneficiaries of the show expressed their utmost gratitude for the all the help and assistance they received.

Iba ‘Yan’s outreach to shoemakers and repairmen in Marikina City was again featured, and host Angel Locsin’s encounter with Tatay Rey Bayawal was revisited. Tatay Rey has been serving as a shoe repairman for over 33 years. His wife Nanay Flora told the Iba ‘Yan team how hard-working and how loving of a father and a husband Rey has always been. Unfortunately, because of the crisis, they were close to losing their source of livelihood, and Rey was barely earning from his job.

As a form of assistance, Iba ‘Yan handed ligtas bags, relief packages, and emergency kits to Rey. With the coordination of Marikina’s local government, Flora was also given a kabuhayan package so she can continue her small business. The show also coordinated with Unyx Sta. Ana, owner of Zapateria, a shoe shop pursuing a project for smaller shoemakers. Marikina Mayor Marcy Teodoro and Zapateria gave Rey an “Ibayanihan kit,” which included shoemaking tools that can help him improve his work. Lastly, he received a brand new mobile phone which can help him even promote his services.

So happy after receiving the gifts from Iba ‘Yan, Flora started making and selling rice cakes or suman in the neighborhood. Rey, on the other hand, learned a lot from the shoemaking workshops that Zapateria offered. With his training, Rey could do more than just repair shoes. He has also mastered the art of creating sandals, unique leather face masks, wallets, and alcohol handlers. Because of this, Rey was able to expand his craft and earn more. 

Angel’s chat with Roweliza Landicho, another shoemaker, was again featured. Roweliza is a third generation owner of their family shoe shop that has been operating for decades. We also got to watch Angel’s conversation with Ruth Mamucod, a longtime upper stitcher in the shop and Jaime Dela Cruz, a shoemaker for 40 years. Jaime said he was so thankful for the sofa bed that Mayor Marcy gave him because they can rest more comfortably with it. The bike that was given to him has also been a huge help because he need not walk all the way to work and back home anymore. Meanwhile, Ruth’s son was beyond grateful after being provided a tablet for his online classes. He said he felt motivated to study harder because of the unexpected blessing. The two and the rest of the employees of Roweliza’s shop, Maria Victoria Agudo and Venacio Dizon, were also glad to receive the eyeglasses pledged by Mayor Marcy. The trade fair and online marketing campaign to promote shop’s products was also a success, with Roweliza thanking fans of campaign endorsers Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber purchasing their products. As such, interest in Marikina-made products rose. To give back, Roweliza and her team made face shields for people in their community.

Iba ‘Yan also reconnected with Fr. Flavie Villanueva, SVD, the compassionate priest who has helped the homeless in his community in the city of Manila. The show revisited “Bahay Kalinga,” the homeless shelter Fr. Flavie established to pursue his charitable advocacy. He shared that the Bahay Kalinga shelter has been gradually turning into a real home safe for the homeless. Walls were already painted, bunk beds were set up as well, and the comfort rooms were almost done. More than noting the improvements in the structure of the school, Fr. Flavie said he was happy that beneficiaries are treating each other much better. The Iba ‘Yan team also got to talk with Jesus “Sam” Gonzales, one of the “Be Volts” or beneficiary-volunteers of Father Flavie’s program. He said some of them already had work, while reiterating his commitment of service to the homeless as part of Bahay Kalinga. 

The show’s team, in cooperation with Kapamilya actress Dimples Romana, also reached out to frontliner and PWD delivery driver Neil Aldrin Garcia, who was featured in the show’s premiere in June. Being a loving and devoted husband and father serving other frontliners during the pandemic, the one-legged delivery rider was given financial assistance, particularly in paying the remaining installments for his motorcycle, which Dimples shouldered. Neil said he would be forever grateful to Dimples, who also provided him a helmet and a jacket.

Meanwhile, Bob Mitra, the principal of Don Arsenio Escudero Senior Memorial School in San Pablo City, shared that they have already been busy preparing for the new normal scheme of education for the incoming school year. Principal Bob said he has been busy planning the school activities and preparing the school materials. Moreover, they have also been coordinating with their external and internal stakeholders. The school has also been preparing a two-week psychological and mental health orientation for the parents of the students so they can prepare their children for the new learning system. They have also been coordinating with the community on how they can implement radio and television learning. The school was also chosen to be the pilot school for the dry run of the modular distance learning for small schools. And ever since they were featured on the show, Bob has already been receiving donations from more than 40 private individuals and groups, including those from Austria and Indonesia.

The show’s team also spoke once again to Jimmy Escalante, a member of a group of jeepney drivers from Balintawak, Quezon City who were stuck in their terminal for almost four months because of the lockdown. Ever since they stayed in their newly furnished house with a mini store, Jimmy and his wife Emilia lived a more comfortable life. They also shared they started having a mini carinderia which has also been an additional source of income for them. They cook and sell merienda dishes including champorado, sopas, pancit, and spaghetti.

Lastly, the Iba ‘Yan team talked to the married couple Romeo and Jessel Sayson, who have been helping visually impaired people through their non-profit online platform, Blind Massage Events Manila, where they work and earn as therapists. Moreover, they were also the first to launch the “Blessed to Bless” project, which has helped the jobless blind massage therapists. The couple gratefully shared that ever since they were featured on the show, many people have donated to them. They’re happy that they actually brought impact to these people’s lives. Two of their beneficiaries, Philip and Maricel Sorita, were also grateful for the help that the show has extended to them. For instance, the laptop that was given to Maricel has been very helpful with her work as an audio transcriptionist. Meanwhile, Philip learned a lot and received words of advice from legendary music composer Vehnee Saturno in their songwriting workshop.

Iba ‘Yan continues its mission of uplifting the lives of deserving heroes in our community in the face of terrible crises and challenges. 

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