Iba ‘Yan continues to pay homage, extends aid to Filipina comfort women

In its latest episode, Iba ‘Yan went on to feature the incredible and remarkable stories of strength, courage, and hope of Filipino women who still carry the trauma of the terrifying experiences they had as comfort women during the Japanese occupation in our country.

As Lola Narcisa Claveria and Lola Fedencia David, along with other Filipinas who terribly suffered in the hands of the enemies, continue their battle in attaining the justice, compensation, and public apology from the Japanese government that they truly deserve, there’s an organization that has been their firm voice through the years – Lila Pilipina.

Founded in June 1994, Lila Pilipina aims to seek justice for all the abuse and slavery that the Japanese Imperial Army inflicted to the Filipinas during World War II. According to National Coordinator Sharon Cabusao-Silva, it can be done through a formal and public apology from the Japanese government, reparations or individual compensations for all the victims, and historical inclusion in order for people, especially the youth, to become well-aware of this issue by including it in teachings.

Out of all the hundreds of comfort women, there are currently only 12 of them who are still alive. One of them is Lola Estelita Dy, who went through grave abuse for three weeks in the hands of the Japanese military when she was only 12 years old. Thus, at 91, she continues to strongly use her voice to seek justice for all of the victims. 

Sharon also divulged that it’s actually hard to say that they’re nearing the day when they can finally get the justice they have been asking for, just as how difficult it is to say that they will never be able to attain justice. 

When host Angel Locsin asked Lola Narcisa and Lola Fedencia where they get motivation, Lola Narcisa shared that her husband always encourages and inspires her to continue fighting, while Lola Fedencia shared that she gets impetus from the poem “Babae”, which she recited with immense conviction and power. 

Aside from featuring their inspiring stories, Iba ‘Yan also showed its support and acknowledgment to the lolas of Lila Pilipina by providing them supplements and vitamins, fruit baskets, groceries, new clothes, bags, sandals, and massage equipment. 

Last but most definitely not the least, the program also handed Lola Narcisa and Lola Fedencia the “Iba ‘Yaning Babae” Award, which recognizes their strength in overcoming the traumatizing experiences of slavery and abuse, as well as their continuous fight for justice.

Angel also showed another surprise for Lola Fedencia, which was a video message from her idol, actor Richard Gutierrez. She disclosed that she’s been a fan of the actress-host’s onscreen team up with him, that’s why she is very happy to have received a personal message from Richard himself. A mini salu-salo was also prepared for the two courageous grandmas.

Lastly, Lola Narcisa performed the song composed by Kapwa Comfort Women, which chronicles the disturbing and traumatizing experiences of sufferings of Filipina comfort women.

May the brave and valiant comfort women, the victims of the Japanese military abuse and slavery, attain the justice that should rightfully be given unto them. And may this be the start of a stronger campaign towards the achievement of justice for our valiant Iba ‘Yaning Kababaihan!