Baguio visual artists take the spotlight in “Iba Yan” this Sunday

Baguio is known for various art forms such as sculpture and visual arts but a new one is making its streets more colorful than ever – the mural arts.  

This Sunday (February 28), Angel Locsin and Iba Yan bring viewers closer to the people who have made the art form more popular than ever. 

One of these mural artists is Venazir Martinez, a visual artist and Cordilleran culture advocate. Even though she is not a Cordilleran native, she has fallen in love with the city that she decided to stay and promote the culture of the people using mural art.  

Aside from Vera, viewers will get to know Angie Rosalin, a visual artist who chose to embrace her passion for painting over a high-paying job, and Jherwin Libatique, an Igorot artist who continues to make people aware of their culture through his drawings.  

Find out how these artists persevere to cultivate the art form and what assistance Iba ‘Yan has given them as they pursue this noble cause.   

Kapamilyas can watch "Iba Yan" every Sunday 6:30 PM on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live and 6:30 PM on A2Z Channel.