Ina: “I’m a fun mom but I’m very assertive.”

Sabado nights have never been the same for Ina Raymundo since she stepped into the world of motherhood. Her life has been challenging since but she enjoys every minute of it. For Ina, a mom of five, raising kids means no dull moments at home.
Ina’s ‘momshie’ technique is simple. She always has to be on her toes and think ten steps ahead, so to avoid stressing herself out and still find time to enjoy.

When talking about her superpowers as a mom and a wife, the conversation would always lead up to Ina’s incredible ability to maintain her figure. The 44-year-old actress said she always takes her breakfast at six in the morning unless she went home late from taping the previous day. She never skips meals as well to keep her cycle consistent and she allots an hour each day for workout.

Ina would describe her parenting style as neither extreme nor lenient. She’s always in the middle, perhaps a cool mom who can be her kids’ best friend and call them out when needed.

Ina has a 25-year age gap from her eldest, thus the barkada vibes when they’re all together. Ina penned a heartfelt message to her eldest, Erika, for her 18th birthday last year. In that Instagram post, she narrated their ‘away-bati’ phase when Erika went to middle school and how they managed to rekindle their closeness not long after.

The loving mom believes it’s normal for kids to become quite a rebel when they reach adolescence. The good news is they will eventually get back to their old, sweet selves. Ina has learned from her experience and learned to just go through the inevitable phases in a child’s life.

Ina has been called ‘sexy’ all her life, not a surprise as she’s managed to maintain her figure. She said the kids would roll their eyes over such compliments but she knows they’re proud deep inside.

Ina doesn’t consider her body perfect. She is aware of her flaws, what makes her confident is not obsessing over her physical appearance. Working out also makes her feel refreshed, happier, and more confident. It’s a big part of her self-care routine.