Aubrey, ibinahagi kung paano sila mas nag-eenjoy sa pagiging hands-on sa pag-aalaga kanilang mga anak

With a Christmas tree gloriously set up at one corner of her house, Aubrey Miles said the smell of yuletide makes her happy. And it was easy to see that she’s being honest. She glowed with bliss while talking about motherhood, love, and fitness in this interview.

The photos on her social media account would reveal that, apart from being a hands-on homemaker and a certified plantita, Aubrey is a hardcore fitness buff. Sweating it out makes her happy and refreshed. More than just keeping in top shape to maintain her sexy onscreen image, as one would assume, exercise has been her ultimate me-time activity since high school even before she entered showbiz.

When she signed her first contract, Aubrey had only one request which is to have a consistent twice-a-week gym time. She feels incomplete without exercise. As such, she stressed that her passion for fitness goes beyond vanity. It makes her feel relaxed and happy. And for a mom like her, she knows her happiness is contagious.

Aubrey is now a mother of three – to Maurie, 19; Hunter, 12, and Rocket, 1. Raising kids with wide age gaps is a challenge but they try to enjoy the youngest, their only daughter’s fleeting baby days. She mentioned that they’re not planning to add another one to the bunch as their time, effort, and strength could no longer afford. Having their only daughter around makes life brighter, albeit exhausting since their helpers took a leave in time for the lockdown.

Aubrey and partner Troy Montero have been together for 17 years. Asked about their wedding plans, the actress revealed that they’re supposed to tie the knot this year had not the pandemic happened. The intimate ceremony was taking shape as planned. They already had a list of guests, props, venue, and date. But they were forced to postpone the event.

Unlike what other people say, Aubrey doesn’t want to take the postponement as a bad omen. She assured everyone that the wedding will still happen soon.

For Aubrey, she’s blessed with a man who’s both a good partner and a good father. She added that Troy enjoys being a dad. As much as they are comfortable being together, they give each other space. They allow each other to be happy on their own once in a while. Others may say that a happy wife means a happy life but for Aubrey, it takes both spouses’ happiness to build a happy home.

She told fellow moms to reset and think deeply about their motivation and make time for self-care. She explained that moms have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so an hour of me-time each day won’t hurt. She also underscored proper time management and eating a balanced diet.

More importantly, she does what makes her happy and makes sure that support goes two-way inside their home.