PAANDAR 2017: 8 Most Touching Moments in I Can See Your Voice

Apart from bringing joy to the lives of viewers week after week, I Can See Your Voice hosted by Luis Manzano, also showcases Filipino talents and inspires people through the heart-warming stories of its contestants.

I Can See Your Voice, the first Korean game format localized by ABS-CBN, has made weekend primetime nights fun, exciting and enjoyable – giving good vibes that often have audiences in stitches every episode. And there were some touching moments that left us the #feels.

“Fight Attendant”

She won P25,000 in Sunday’s “I Can See Your Voice” and was all smiles throughout the show until the finale, when cancer-stricken flight attendant Lovely “LJ” Corpuz broke into tears, revealing her battle against adrenal cancer and how the prized money will help fund her chemotherapy.

Her fighting spirit and determination to live moved the SING-vestigators so much that Andrew E spoke in behalf of the group that they will give a donation to help LJ. Host Luis Manzano and guest celebrity player Jolina Magdangal also made pledges to help LJ.

“Aside from the help coming from the SING-vestigators, I will personally pledge P250,000 for your chemotherapy,” Luis expressed.

“Dance-sing Queen”

“Dance-sing Queen,” Cha Perez, proved that she is an exceptionally talented singer. She could barely stop her tears when she recalled how difficult life was for her before. Unfortunately, her father died from asthma because her family didn’t have the financial capability to get him cured. As a result, she became an incredibly hard worker to ensure that something like that won’t happen to her family again.

“Eh Cashier Bata”

Being a student is already not easy, often finding yourself hitting the books at night. The task gets even harder when you have to work as well. This is what a working student like “Eh Cashier Bata,” Love Joy Javier, has to go through. With a sick mother, she continues to work hard every day just to provide for her family. Her incredible work ethic inspired Luis so much that he decided to double her winnings to support her family in this difficult time.

“Stage Doesn’t Matter”


“Stage Doesn’t Matter,” Rospel Gonzales, was so overwhelmed at the opportunity of being able to sing in front of a huge crowd. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety, she found strength in her family in supporting her dreams. She said that singing in “I Can See Your Voice” is a new chapter in her life. Luis and the Singvestigators boosted her confidence and reminded her that everyone in the studio are her fans.

“Do Re Mi Fa Soldier”

“Do Re Mi Fa Soldier,” SSG Bonito Lamdag, commands soldiers on the battlefield but he also commands the stage with his great voice. With the debut of his daughter near, he was ready to prepare a simple celebration at their home until Luis surprised him and decided to sponsor the debut. The Singvestigators added their own contributions as well by offering their talents as performers for the debut. It was a touching moment to not only thank the sergeant but all the soldiers who continue to risk their life in serving our country.

“Curl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy”

“Curl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy,” Lira Layron, works hard not only to finish his education but also to provide for his family. This working student shared that he joined the competition so that he could join his school’s field trip. Luis was inspired by his dedication so much that he volunteered to shoulder the expenses for his field trip.

“Where Isla Love”

“Where Isla Love,” Steven Fermin, is a student who has many dreams for the future. He pursues this dream by studying and joining competitions to help finance his family. Unfortunately, he was unable to be a part of It’s Showtime’s “Tawag ng Tanghalan.” Having an eldest sibling who is deaf with a speech defect, Steven intimated that he and his other siblings are determined to work and study hard to have a better life.  

Asked by Luis about what he will do with his prize money, Steven said that he plans to buy a laptop for his thesis next semester.   Luis then advised Steven to keep his prize money and pledged to finance the laptop.

“Graba S’ya, Oh!”

Celebrity player Randy Santiago was so impressed with the singing prowess of “Graba S’ya, Oh!,” Ton-Ton Leonardo, that he promised him to be a part of his concerts in Resorts World Manila and Casino Filipino. Although he didn’t win the competition, he was incredibly happy with the opportunity that was presented to him. Ton-Ton promised his children that he will continue to work hard to ensure that they will finish their education.

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