7 scenes of Pio and Mira’s blossoming friendship in Huwag Kang Mangamba

Despite the taste of life’s bitterness and cruelty at a young age, Mira (Andrea Brillantes) opts to savor the beauty and magic of existence. For Mira, the essence of life is taking each day with a strong faith in ‘Bro’ and building connections with others. And in her journey towards fulfilling her purpose, she encounters good people who help her live life to the fullest and one of them is her newfound friend Pio (Seth Fedelin). In this Kapamilya Toplist, we feature the scenes showing Pio’s admirable acts of help, and probably growing feelings, for Mira in Huwag Kang Mangamba.

One of Mira and Pio’s earliest scenes together revolved around a sweet conversation about prayers. He relayed his own story of faith, saying he and his mother Rebecca (Matet de Leon) pray for the latter’s healing. Yet, everything feels so stagnant sometimes, as though God is not listening. He wanted to give up during those moments.

Listening to Pio’s sentiments, Mira was reminded of her own breakthrough. It sure felt heavy waiting for a miracle for years but her devotion was rewarded. She got the gift of sight at the most unexpected hour and in the most miraculous way. That’s why she’s certain Pio will also receive answers in God’s perfect time, so she encouraged him to keep pressing on. After all, God can defy the impossible.

They also talked about Rebecca’s need for healing, which he thinks would entail a miracle. Mira told him to hold on and look at life with gratitude. She encouraged him to list down everything he’s grateful for each day, that way he would realize that life is still beautiful despite the struggles.  

Pio seems to resonate deeply with Mira’s admirable stories of courage and faith, and it pulled them closer to each other. He’s been extra caring to her since. There was a scene wherein Pio volunteered to help Mira at Caloy (Soliman Cruz)’s barbershop. They had a light banter about teamwork and Joy (Francine Diaz) being ‘masungit’ yet softhearted. Joy smiled while eavesdropping on the conversation.

Pio was there when Mira felt frail watching over Barang (Sylvia Sanchez) at the police station. At that time, Barang was sent to jail for boldly confronting the Advinculas about their involvement in Mira’s hit-and-run incident. He felt sorry for her sadness. He wanted to be of help yet his presence is all he could offer.

In another scene, Mira and Barang heard a small noise outside their shelter. Barang went out to check if someone is watching them and she saw a plastic bag containing food. They hurried towards God’s statue to thank Him for the blessing. Outside, Pio smiles while hiding behind a tree.

The last scene in this video is a sure ‘kilig’ trigger for solid SethDrea fans. During the fundraising event for the construction of the town’s church, Pio helped Mira sell snacks. He had a minor burn from frying, so Mira was quick to soothe the injury. She reminded him to be careful next time.

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