10 scenes of Barang, Agatha, and Fatima showing different mothering styles in Huwag Kang Mangamba

Motherhood might be a shared journey among women but it’s still different for every mom out there. After all, we speak our own love language and each child is unique. In the primetime teleserye Huwag Kang Mangamba, we see three different faces of motherhood in Barang (Sylvia Sanchez), Agatha (Mercedes Cabral), and Fatima (Dimples Romana). Let’s take look into their different parenting styles via this Kapamilya Toplist, as we continue to honor mothers this month of May.

We all appreciate a mom like Fatima – gentle, gracious, and loving in every way. We first saw her heart’s beauty in a flashback scene during the pilot week. She was very affectionate with the young Mira (Andrea Billantes), filling her daughter with adoring words of affirmation. For Fatima, her little Mira is the most beautiful and kindest girl in the world. These words became real that Mira grew up exactly what Fatima said.

While she knows they can never be beside each other at all times, Fatima gave Mira a small cross as a symbol of her love and presence. She would seek Divine help in raising her kid and always pray that her children would grow up with strong faith. In the next episodes, we learned that Mira has an older sister, Joy (Francine Diaz), but they are yet to discover their true connection. Fatima loved and enjoyed being a mother because it was a dream she’s forever grateful for. For her, being a mom is the fulfilment of womanhood and life’s greatest blessing.

It’s a different case for Agatha, who thinks maternal responsibility is the key to keeping her dream family life with Samuel (Diether Ocampo).  She’s the type who gauges motherhood through the ability to give in to her child’s selfish whims and do everything for her, resulting in her daughter Sofia (Alyanna Angeles)’s bratty attitude.

Deborah (Eula Valdes) once told Agatha to stop winning battles for her daughter as it will lead to extreme dependency. She said Sofia will never learn how to handle difficult situations. But Agatha believes otherwise, saying there’s no harm in spoiling Sofia because she’s an only child. Agatha continues to overlook Sofia’s bad manners to the point of using her stepdaughter Joy as a sacrificial lamb. For her, successful motherhood is synonymous with giving and doing everything for Sofia, unaware that she’s simply creating a monster out of her own child.

Barang, on the other hand, is the type of mother to find happiness in the mundane. She is also a testament that motherhood is not measured by blood but determined by true love. They might be strangers to each other but Barang felt a deep connection with Mira and she saw the girl’s good-heartedness, so she volunteered to take her in despite not having a shelter of her own.

Barang finds bliss in seeing her ‘daughter’ happy. Our hearts melted when she got so elated over Mira finally receiving the gift of sight from ‘Bro.’ Barang excitedly toured Mira around the old church and they both enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation.

Despite the minuscule earnings from scavenging, Barang makes sure to provide for Mira’s food and needs. She also loves to cook for her. And in times of danger, she is always ready to protect her daughter even if it means getting herself into trouble like when she boldly confronted the Advinculas, who she knows are involved in Mira’s hit-and-run accident. Barang made a big sacrifice for Mira when she got into jail for trying to protect her from Mayor Simon (Nonie Buencamino).

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