Which Singvestigator got a perfect score in the third episode of “Hula Who”?

We know you miss Team Kalabaw’s hilarious shenanigans and usual weekend night hangouts. Worry not as the gang continues to spread good vibes in the online world. They reunite again to bring us fun and entertainment on OKS (Online Kpamilya Shows)’s guessing game, “Hula Who.” Luis Manzano hosts the program while the Singvestigators – Angeline Quinto, KaladKaren, Bayani Agbayani, and Andrew E. – serve as the panel in this episode and try to determine the guest Kapamilyas’ line of work based on distinctive characteristics and intuition.  

The first guest Kapamilya is 24-year-old Denzel Rodovan from Zambales whose profession is either a medical technologist or IT support staff. The bunch’s resident genius, Bayani, defines medical technologist as “the one that technologizes the medicine inside the cabinet,” drawing boisterous laughter. The ladies go for ‘medical technologist’ judging based on Denzel’s demeanor and manner of speaking. The gentlemen share the same opinion that Denzel hails from the IT field. After a funny exchange of viewpoints, it is revealed that Denzel is a medical frontliner. KaladKaren and Angeline both gain one point while Bayani and Andrew’s scores are still zero.

For 23-year-old Christian Cruz from Paranaque City, the hula choices are A. barangay emergency driver and B. food delivery driver. Andrew, who lives in Paranaque, suspects that Christian isn’t a bona fide resident of the said city because of his accent; leading him to letter ‘B.’ Angeline and Bayani also choose ‘food delivery driver’ because of Christian’s jolly personality and body built. KaladKaren differs from her friends’ theories, and she ends up the one getting this round right. Bayani quips that he regrets copying Andrew’s answer. The guys still have no point while Angeline has 1 and KaladKaren takes on the lead with 2 points. 

Next is the lively Ralph Tena, who is either a hairstylist or a public school teacher. All four players are convinced that Ralph works inside the classroom mainly because of his confidence and speaking skills. We know the competition is heating up when the Singvestigators accuse each other of cheating. And after the jokes comes the revelation that Ralph is indeed a public school teacher.

 Julian Lopez from Quezon City is our fourth guest Kapamilya and the choices are ‘security guard na nakahanap ng love life’ and ‘clerk na single at ready to mingle.’ The gang’s maestro Andrew notices the pin-up calendar in Julian’s room, hence, the assumption that Julian is a single guy still looking for his dreamgirl. Sharing the same judgment, Bayani adds that Julian won’t qualify as a security guard because of the hairstyle and moustache. KaladKaren interprets Julian’s smile as an expression of someone in love. The correct answer is security guard.

KaladKaren garners a perfect score in her second “Hula Who” win. And as punishment to the losers Bayani and Andrew, they are dared to pull a single piece of armpit hair. 

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