WATCH: Isang masaya at makulit na episode ng Hula Who kasama ang Singvestigators

As the Singvestigators, their job is to assess someone’s physical appearance and actions. So, who better to play “Hula Who than Luis Manzano, Alex Gonzaga, Wacky Kiray, Kaladkaren, and Andrew E?

The first guest Kapamilya was Merede Boco the rabbit breeder from Batangas. Wacky Kiray assumed this was her profession because her surroundings had a lot of plants and trees. Kaladkaren agreed that a forest is a great space for rabbits to run around in.

Rollie Potente from Rizal is a working student in the morning and an express delivery driver in the afternoon. Maestro guessed that he often rode a motorcycle based on the way he pointed his finger in the video. Luis took the opportunity to address the issue of people who cancel their food orders. Delivery drivers like Rollie have to initially use their own money when someone orders food. Before ending the round, the host promised to help out Rollie with his expenses for school.

Grace Parasdas from Quezon City is a beauty product seller. Wacky Kiray pointed out that her clear skin is the proof. During the community quarantine, she used her savings to give relief goods to around 700 families and hand out food to frontliners.

Last but not the least is Roger Loquellano from Bohol, the former family driver of Vilma Santos back in the 80s. After this, he became a delivery driver in the U.S. for two years. Kaladkaren expected this because he had a pleasing personality in his video. This must be required for people who work for a whole family.

In this episode of Hula Who, Wacky Kiray and Kaladkaren tied with three points while Alex lost with only one point. As a consequence, she drew a mustache, unibrow and moles on her face.