Team Kalabaw collabs for a spontaneous Tiktok dance challenge on “Hula Who!”

The second episode of OKS (Online Kapamilya Shows)’ guessing game “Hula Who” does not run short of fun and entertainment. Thanks to Team Kalabaw – Alex Gonzaga, Bayani Agbayani, Kean Cipriano, and Wacky Kiray – who explores the guest Kapamilyas’ possible profession based on initial impression and gut feel. 

Just a quick refresher on the previous episode, losing player Alex performed a dare chosen by winners KaladKaren and Kean. Let’s see if tables will turn this time around! 

But, first, catch-up sesh! Host Luis Manzano says that he misses the Sing-vestigators especially Alex who’s often the target of jokes. Sharing the same sentiments, the group’s Kuya Yani takes a shower in the middle of the show, reminding everyone of how hilarious his antics could get. 

 Bayani’s live shower session continues all throughout the game. The first player is Jeimes Quiroz, whose millennial dreamer appeal makes him look like a legit Education student and a fast food crew as well. Kean gets creative with his assumption, “Baka kaya hindi siya naka-graduate kasi mayroon na siyang baby. May bata akong narinig sa background.” Only Wacky thinks that Jeimes is in the workforce but only to end up wrong. Jeimes is an Education student whose supposed graduation rites was halted by the pandemic. Alex reveals that she also took up Education in college and tells Jeimes to cheer up, for at least he was able to finish the course. 

Next guest is the lively Jeffty Bulanon working as either a stand-up comedian or a makeup artist. “Natawa ako at ‘pag natawa ako sa isang tao, sigurado comedian ‘yun,” claims Bayani who loses in this round.  

Cheryl Benito’s introduction video shows her cooking in the kitchen, convincing Kean that she is a cashier at a kambingan restaurant. The rest of the gang believes she’s a grocery promodiser based solely on her physical appearance, with Bayani even inserting hilarious geometric analysis of Cheryl’s facial features. Nonetheless, the correct answer is promodiser. 

For the 60-year-old guest Kapamilya Andres Reyes, the hula choices are ‘retired sales agent na mahilig mag-Tiktok’ and ‘retired military na mahilig maglaro ng mobile word games.’ Impressed by the man’s brawny appeal, Wacky writes down the second option. Kean and Bayani share the same judgment. Meanwhile, Alex belies her friends’ guesses after thorough analysis of Andres’ one-liner introduction, “Pinag-aralan ko ‘yung behavior. Sabi niya, ‘Ako po ay 60 pero bata by heart’ so ibig sabihin may ginagawa siyang bagets lang ang gumagawa.” True to Alex’s hypothesis, Andres is a retired sales agent whose current pastime is creating Tiktok videos. 

By the end of four rounds, Alex makes a big comeback by garnering a perfect score contrary to her poor performance in the last episode while the rest collects 2 points each. Sticking to the game mechanics, Alex dares the three losing Sing-vestigators to perform a simple Tiktok dance. It was quite easy for Wacky and Bayani given their comedic personalities. The spotlight truly shines on Kean who willingly takes off the rock star image for some hip moves. Luis joins in the fun as well and the game ends with the whole bunch dancing altogether! 

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