Hula Who: Team Kalabaw puts their ‘kilatis’ skills to the test!

Our favorite Team Kalabaw ups the fun and entertainment on OKS (Online Kapamilya Shows)’s guessing game, “Hula Who.” Luis Manzano hosts the program while the Sing-vestigators serve as the players trying to determine the guest Kapamilyas’ line of work based on distinctive characteristics and intuition.

But, first, a little chika time! The bunch shares their ultimate ECQ activities, starting off with KaladKaren who now identifies herself as a Plantita. Kean Cipriano makes the most of his daddy hours playing with kids while Bayani Agbayani just can’t get enough of his newborn grandsonAndrew E. and Angeline Quinto are probably the most productive ones as they create a full album and refurnish the house, respectively. And of course, this wouldn’t be a usual Team Kalabaw conversation if kulitan and poking fun at each other aren’t served. The asaran rolls as Wacky Kiray blurts out a sarcastic remark about Alex Gonzaga, prompting Luis and others to butt in.

Then, the game kicks off! Luis introduces the first Kapamilya guest, Jeanette Rapanut from Pangasinan. The players are asked to determine whether Jeanette works as a cook or a massage therapist.  Wacky goes for the latter choice based on Jeanette’s built. His know-it-all tone gives Alex the chance to deliver a series of punchline. Meanwhile, “mukhang amoy chamomile,” is Kean’s short but witty comment. Of all the seven Sing-vestigators, only Angeline and Alex think that Jeanette is a cook, based solely on her physical appearance. The correct answer is massage therapist!

Second Kapamilya guest is Christine Tiongson from Cabanatuan City, working as either a barangay official or a doctor in a health center. “Mukhang tumatalak,” says KaladKaren, thinking that Christine works in the barangay. Andrew E notices Christine’s dyed hair, which he says is prohibited among doctors, driving him to the first choice as well. In this round, only Alex holds an opposing opinion and she ends up wrong.

For our third Kapamilya, Rommel Ducut from Pasig City, the hula choices are ‘P.A. ng isang sikat na artista’ and ‘stage director.’ Judging based on personality, KaladKaren assumes that Rommel is a stage director. The rest of the gang get creative with their reasoning and opt for ‘P.A.’ At the end of this round, only KaladKaren earns a point!

One more round left and Alex’s score is still at zero while KaladKaren takes the lead. Junel Labor from Quezon City is our fourth Kapamilya guest, either a college professor or a vocal coach. The kulelat Alex simply copies her friends’ most dominant answer which is ‘vocal coach’ while only Kean picks the first choice. After a series of hilarious banter, Luis reveals that Junel is a college professor.

At the end of four laugh-out-loud rounds, the winners are *drum roll* KaladKaren and Kean with three points each! This grants them the chance to dare the zero-pointer Alex to a challenge. Alex is a good sport, nevertheless, as she gamely sniffs her feet.

The four Kapamilya guests each receive Php 3,000. You can also join in the fun by sending your audition entries and watching the next episode of “Hula Who” and other fresh digital content on OKS or Online Kapamilya Shows.