Hula Who: Fun hulaan at kulitan kasama ang Team Kalabaw

In this episode of Hula Who,” on OKS (Online Kapamilya Shows) Luis Manzano and the Singvestigators got to meet three brave and inspiring frontliners in different fields. As for the punishment at the end, one of them had to spin around while the others sing “Ikot-ikot” by Sarah Geronimo. Who among Angeline Quinto, Kean Cipriano, Kaladkaren, and Wacky Kiray will it be?

The first Kapamilya guest is Vincent Nopia from Pasay City. He is the policeman and rapper who recently became viral because of a video. As he was coming home from work, his son wanted to hug him. Because of the pandemic, he had to painfully step away. “Kaming frontliners kasi, hindi namin alam kung infected na rin ba kami ng COVID-19. Kaya tiis-tiis na lang po muna kami sa ngayon para maging ligtas po kaming lahat,” Vincent explained. Kaladkaren expected that he was a rapper because of his sideways hat shirt and shirt that says “Krayzie Thugs”.

Ian Santos from Laguna is a dishwasher on a cruise who lost his job because of the pandemic. He only started back in January but was eventually sent home by the company. The good news is that they can return to work as soon as it is safe. The bad news is that the earliest their industry can operate is probably next year. Kaladkaren assumed that he worked on a boat because he had a beard and seamen typically can’t shave while out on sea. For now, Ian is willing to try portraying a goon for teleseryes. Although, Angeline thinks he has to look scarier.

And then there is Rowena Tolentino from Antipolo City. Kean, Kaladkaren, and Angeline all thought she works at a crematorium. Wacky Kiray was the only one who guessed that she was a janitress in a hospital because of one important observation. He previously worked at a food chain and knew that janitors had the same height as a mop. Kidding aside, Rowena is scared for her health because of the pandemic. She can only pray that her family stays safe. One of the ways she ensures this is by showering outside their house after work.

Frontliners come from different fields. Check out this episode of Hula Who to meet today’s heroes and find out who had to do the dare!