Hula Who Episode 6: the Singvestigators imitate a chicken laying an egg!

Looks can be deceiving! Can you tell a person profession based on their physical appearance, voice, and a few actions? "Hula Who" is officially a trending show!  So, check out episode six of this Online Kapamilya Show with host Luis Mazano and the Singvestigators Angeline Quinto, Bayani Agbayani, Kaladkaren, and Andrew E!

The first guest Kapamilya is Jan Sanchez from Makati City. He is a monitoring agent for a transport app. He controls the radius for orders, depending on how many people use the app. Kaladkaren assumed that Jan is a band vocalist because of his hair. Although, Bayani noted that his hairstyle could be misleading.

Marvelous Ypil is a fish and vegetable vendor in Zambales. During the community quarantine, they are open for limited hours in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Bayani was a former vendor himself. “Alam ko ang kilos, gawi, pananalita, bihis at tingin ng isang tindero,” he explained. Andrew E added that Marvelous’ introduction revealed a common habit among vendors.

There is also Renz Abbu, a Kapamilya from Agusan Del Norte who is studying to be a priest. Angeline guessed this based on her experience from trips to the church. Bayani pointed out that they have a required hairstyle. Renz, however, decided to let his hair and beard grow during the quarantine. He has actually been in the seminary for 10 years. This is a career path he has wanted since high school.

On a side note, Luis revealed that he almost became a priest once. In his last year of high school, the boys in his year took a test. They only found out a few days later that it was the entrance exam for a seminary, and he passed. Luis took a follow-up test, but he failed it.

In the end, all the Singvestigators scored two points. So, they all had to do the dare. Check out this episode to watch Angeline Quinto, Bayani Agbayani, Kaladkaren, and Andrew E imitate a chicken laying an egg!