Hula Who: Andrew E, Bayani nag-lipstick, Alex sinigaw na si Luis ang pinakapoging nilalang bilang parusa

Our zany Singvestigators from I Can See Your Voice have gathered once more in a virtual reunion of sorts to play the Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS) guessing game, “Hula Who” with Luis Manzano as host.

Andrew E, Alex Gonzaga, Kean Cipriano and Bayani Agbayani all participated in the fun game deducing the actual work of guest Kapamilyas, based on sensory clues and evidence, and plain instinct.
Our first guest Kapamilya is Aira Aquino Lopez, 22 years old, from Tarlac City. Our panel was made to guess if Aira is either a Mutya Ng Pilipinas titleholder or a flight attendant. Watching Aira’s video, Andrew E first had an issue with her handling of a makeup brush, which he said was “protruding” and unlikely to be done by a beauty queen. As such, he thought Aira was a flight attendant. Kean, meanwhile, noticed a collage of pictures pinned to the wall behind a ring light she was using. The pictures seemed to show Aira’s many travels, which proved she is a flight attendant. Bayani, also thought she’s not a Mutya Ng Pilipinas titleholder because by now he and many others would have recognized her. And rightfully so, Aira is indeed a flight attendant.

Next up was the 31-year-old Vhilbrain Sanchez from Baler, Aurora, whom they had deliberated to be either a barangay kagawad or a bank officer, who first displayed his killer dance moves in the video shown to the panel. Alex first expressed doubts he is a kagawad because such public servants should be at the frontlines during the current community quarantine and not staying at home and practicing to dance. Kean also said he must be a bank officer because of his vibe and posture. Bayani agreed with Alex in saying kagawads should first serve as a frontliner and not remain at home practicing his dance steps. He added Vhilbran seems to be used to dance performances in company parties and functions. All were wrong, however, since Vhilbrain is actually a barangay kagawad.

Third was Remark Valaquio, 18, from Paranaque City. Luis asked the Singvestigators if he was a coffee shop barista or a firefighter medic. Kean said Remark was really a firefighter based on how appears on his video showing a stocky build and firm posture that match the profile of an emergency responder. Andrew E, who hails from Paranaque, disagreed, saying that based on the video of Remark, he seemed to be residing in the city’s District 1, and he knows that most of the city’s firefighters, he said, resides in District 2, so he is sure the guest Kapamilya is a coffee barista.  Alex, meanwhile, believes Remark is a firefighter since she believes he is a man of service. And true enough, Remark is definitely a firefighter-medic.

The last Kapamilya guest was the 42-year-old James Siason whose interesting hula choices were either that he was a salon beautician or an assessor for the Land Transportation Office. Alex quickly concluded that James is an LTO assessor since it was a “give away” that he appeared unlikely as a beautician. Andrew E, on the other hand, observed that the clock on the background of James’s video showed it was past 1am, an improbable time for an LTO assessor to stay awake given how their work starts early in the morning. He also said beauticians are used to sleeping late, thus determining that James really works in a salon. Andrew was correct since James revealed he is actually a beautician.

With Kean getting the most points, at 3, against the others who each got the same score of 2, he ended up winning this week’ “Hula Who” and dared Andrew and Bayani to apply lipstick, and challenged Alex to scream to the heavens that Luis is the “pinakapoging nilalang.”

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