Check out Maris and Carlo’s confessions about exes and moving on in this lie detector game!

In ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube Exclusive daily series “How To Move On In 30 Days”, Maris Racal and Carlo Aquino play a fake couple to help in the process or maybe get the illusion of moving on from a past relationship.

But in this lie detector game, the tandem got real about their romantic lives because whoever gets caught lying will be punished with a slight electric shock by the toy lie detector machine.

In the video, Maris and Carlo took turns in grilling each other. She first asked how many girlfriends he had in the past, to which he replied, “Seven.” The toy polygraph affirmed this. Carlo was honest except on the last question, that is, if he checks his partner’s phone. He answered “no” but the machine didn’t agree.

He admitted having a hard time moving on from a failed relationship. Serving as proof is the confession that he still checks an ex’s social media account and saves messages from a former sweetheart. He also won’t ignore an ex should they bump into each other.

When moving on from a breakup, Carlo doesn’t count the days or give himself a timeline. What matters is he eventually gets there.  Admittedly, he is “marupok” in a relationship. By the way, watch him act out what “marupok” looks like in the video!

It’s Maris’ turn to confess! Similar to Carlo’s set of questions, she’s first asked how many boyfriends she already had, and answered “three.” The device confirmed this.  

Maris claimed she easily moves on from a breakup. Lie. She said she doesn’t check an ex’s social media account, “Minu-mute ko pa nga, eh.” Lie. She has no saved messages from an old flame. Lie. She swore she doesn’t check her boyfriend’s phone. Lie again. Lol!

The only truth she said according to the machine, aside from the number of relationships she has had, was this: “Hindi ako marupok.”

Catch Carlo as Franco Sibayan and Maris as Jen Agbisit in “How To Move On In 30 Days,” Monday to Friday, 6pm, on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel.