How to move on in 30 days pilot week review

Summer is about to get more exciting! Since the premiere of ABS-CBN’s first YouTube exclusive daily series “How To Move On In 30 Days” on April 4, netizens have been buzzing online about its intriguing story and remarkable cast composed of Maris Racal, Carlo Aquino, Albie Casiño, John Lapus, Jai Agpangan, Sachzna Laparan, and Kyo Quijano.

Every episode so far leaves viewers wondering about Jen’s (Maris) next steps after her seven-year relationship with Jake (Albie) ended. As she committed to move on within 30 days using the Break app, fans can’t help but stay tuned to this fresh rom-com series.


A light and fun story, but will still hit you right in the feels

In its pilot episode, we meet Jen, the passionate talent handler of popular workout guru and lifestyle influencer Jake. What we find out next is that Jen is also Jake’s girlfriend, so most of her time and energy is really focused on him and his career.

Regardless of all the work and stress it brings, Jen’s fun, bubbly personality and love for her boyfriend motivates her to work hard. But this slowly crumbles as the tension in their relationship builds. It becomes apparent that Jen is the one who’s more invested in the relationship.

The breaking point? Jen’s surprise visit to Jake became a surprise for her as she caught Jake kissing with a co-influencer, Anastacia (Sachzna), in bed.

Shocked by what she saw, it took her a while to serve Jake a slap to the face. But, the following day, Jen was still determined to fix things with Jake. After all, how could a seven-year relationship end just like that? Even her friend Sara (Jai) had a hard time understanding how it all happened.

Anton (Kyo), however, reminded Jen of all the signs that Jake was slowly ghosting her, or as some call it, the “slow fade.” He quickly introduced Jen to the Break app, the best app for moving on so that Jen can start to let go of her doomed relationship.

Jen rejected the idea because as she looked back on everything that she and Jake went through, she couldn’t accept that it was all over. They have been through thick and thin. When Jake was starting out as an influencer, Jen was there when he was getting little to no views. She even paid for his nose surgery to reinvent his look and image. Those days showed how Jen was everything to Jake, which makes Jen believe that his cheating now is only a bump in the road.

Sadly, for Jake, they were already over.


You’ll #relate to the ups and downs of heartbreak

Jen was heartbroken and wrecked. It was hard to even see Jake and Anastacia when she was working, let alone see their videos online. To try to mend her aching heart, she finally decided to try the Break app.

The Break app assessed her situation by asking all types of questions, including the timeframe of how long she wanted to move on. She chose 30 days, the shortest option, while fueled by the pain she never wanted to experience again.

Every day, the Break app would offer her tasks and advice to forget her relationship with Jake. She focused on herself, worked on her goals, and burned all memorabilia that reminded her of him.

But of course, the process wasn't perfect. In a moment of weakness, Jen just drank her problems away at a bar. On that exact same night, she encountered Jake and Anastacia together, triggering her anger towards the two traitors. Drunk and miserable, she caused a public scene screaming at the two and even punching Jake on the nose. Jake and Anastacia left her alone and crying while the passersby took a video of her emotional scene.

After she left, she wandered in the streets and passed out in front of a car. Fortunately, she wasn’t hit and the driver of the car checked on her, fearing she might have gotten hurt. He finds out that she was simply drunk and heartbroken.

Even if Jen puked in front of him, he still opted to take her home safely after finding an address on a piece of paper in her jacket. While this was all happening, Sara and Anton went looking for Jen, but didn’t find her until she was taken back home.

Instantly get hooked to Jen’s journey to moving on

Sara and Anton found Jen with the mysterious dashing man and were immediately alarmed that Jen had passed out while the man didn’t have a shirt on. They were ready to fight him and retrieve Jen, but the man quickly explained that he only gave his shirt to Jen since she puked on herself and drove her home because she was heavily drunk. After settling the misunderstanding, Sara and Anton took Jen inside, but not before getting the man’s name, Franco (Carlo).

The events of the night were the main topics of the trio the next morning, and mystery man Franco was on top of the list. While Jen didn’t seem to care much about it, Sara and Anton were fixated on getting to know more about Franco. They immediately researched Franco, starting with the shirt he left as the first clue.

Jen, on the other hand, reflected on everything that has happened so far. Although, this was disrupted when she found out that her hysterical scene at the bar was taken on video and shared online by several people. Not knowing what to do, she asked the Break app what she should do. Advised to own her feelings and voice it out to the world, she filmed herself telling the world her story and her determination to move past her crushing break-up that many can relate to.

Sara and Anton also progressed with their own mission and found Franco’s online profile. Turns out, he’s not just a regular guy; he’s also a boyfriend-for-hire on the side.

Will Jen avail of Franco’s boyfriend-for-hire services on her journey to moving on? Will she really be able to get over Jake within 30 days? Tune in to “How To Move On In 30 Days” on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel as new episodes air every Monday to Friday at 6PM.