KChat Jai Kyo How To Move On In 30 Days

Jai Agpangan and Kyo Quijano help Maris Racal navigate the tricky process of healing from heartbreak via romantic-comedy “How to Move On in 30 Days.”

The digital series features the fresh team-up of Maris and Carlo Aquino, and is also a joint project of ABS-CBN Entertainment and YouTube. It tells the story of Jenny, played by Maris, who promised to move on within 30 days after she was dumped by her boyfriend. Adding zest to her moving on process are her best friends Anton and Sarah played by Kyo and Jai, respectively.



In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, Kyo and Jai expressed gratitude and honor to be part of this groundbreaking series. And since it’s a big project, it also required big preparations. Kyo even put in hair extensions for his role as a makeup artist and drag queen, and since netizens are used to seeing him shorthaired in his YouTube videos. Kyo crosses over from content creation to acting, so he has to come prepared. The good thing is his co-stars including Jai were very accommodating. They would memorize their lines together.

They went on to describe their co-actors, including fellow YouTuber Sachzna Laparan. They have attended the same events as content creators before, which may be different from acting together, but nonetheless a big help in building on-screen chemistry.



Kyo and Jai have the same opinion of Albie Casiño, saying he’s very straightforward and chatty. “Hindi siya nauubusan ng kwento. Minsan nagkakatambayan kami madaling araw after ng shoot, kung anu-anong kinekwento niya. At saka sobrang totoo niya, walang filter. Pagdating sa work, gina-guide niya kami,” said Kyo.

Jai also noted Albie’s discipline in making time for workout, “’Yun talaga ‘yung bilib na bilib ako sa kanya. As in twice a day mag-gym.” She added, “Makwento siya. ‘Pag hindi niya feel, talagang ayaw niya. Totoong tao talaga si Albie. Makikita mo talaga ‘yung personality niya, mabait siya.”

The two laughed when asked about Carlo, as if they read each other’s thoughts. According to Kyo, their first scene with Carlo was sort of a confrontation, and, starstruck, they couldn’t look him in the eye. “’Yung mga tinginan namin ni Jai, nagpa-panic na kami, ‘Totoo ba ‘tong nangyayari sa amin?’”

Jai further confessed, “’Pag nandiyan siya, nung una, hindi ako makapagsalita, nagpa-palpitate ako kasi takot akong magkamali. Medyo nakaka-intimidate talaga kasi Carlo Aquino ‘yun, eh.” But even if he’s the most experienced among them, Carlo is humble. He guided the rookies in their scenes and bonded with them after taping.

The wow factor of Maris’ acting skills and work ethics are amazing. Kyo jestingly dubbed her ‘the patron of memorization’ as she manages to shoot a lot in a day. Jai praised their torchbearer, “Nakita ko talaga ‘yung pag-grow ni Maris as a person, as an actress. Lahat ng eksena, mapapa-wow ka na lang sa kanya. Ang dami niya talagang eksena sa whole day tapos lahat magaling siya. Napapa-wow na lang kami sa kanya. Ang galing talaga ni Maris, acting-wise, ‘yung mga iyak niya, bawat bitaw niya ng word, magaling talaga!”

Kyo mentioned that even their chemistry as ‘barkada’ just came out naturally, a big thanks to Maris’ pleasant personality. He said it feels as though they’re on the same wavelength and that Maris also welcomed them as her friends.

While the series tackles moving on within a specific time frame, Kyo personally believes healing has no definite schedule, “I don’t give deadlines. Basta, ako, I enjoy the process… iniiyak ko muna. You’ll know it naman, eh. Malalaman mo naman sa sarili mo kung naka-move on ka na.”

Jai likewise takes it slow. Sometimes it even takes her more than a year to bury the past, “Mahirap ako mag-move on ‘pag masyado kong mahal ‘yung tao, parang guguho ‘yung mundo ko.” She thinks it requires acceptance, meaning feeling the pain than ignoring it, “I-feel mo talaga siya hanggang sa mapagod ka, hanggang sa masabi mong, ‘Parang gusto ko na ulit sumaya.’ ‘Yun ang stepping stone mo talaga sa pagmo-move on, doon talaga magsa-start pag na-accept mo na.”

Asked about their thoughts on self-worth, Kyo and Jai maintained that it’s necessary in order to keep a relationship healthy. She said, “’Pag destroyed ang self-love mo, destroyed din ang relationship ninyo. For me, it takes two to tango. ‘Pag bigay ka lang nang bigay, hindi talaga magwo-work ‘yung relationship. Ikaw at ikaw lang ‘yung magsa-suffer.”

When cheated on, and when it becomes a cycle, Jai would rather raise the white flag than fight for the relationship. “Okay lang kasi mag-give ng second chance pero ‘pag wala kang nakikitang changes sa partner mo, cut it. Kasi ‘pag naging cycle na, toxic na.” She believes in compromise but there are issues, especially cheating, that aren’t worth putting herself into.

Kyo, on the other hand, believes in second chances, “I give room for mistakes pero hindi sobrang dami. Hindi naman din sa lahat ng bagay dapat may second chance. It depends. But for me, personally, I make room for mistakes kasi hindi naman lahat ng tao perfect.”

Jai and Kyo also talked about their co-stars via Bukingan Challenge in this episode of Kapamilya Chat. They would simply mention which co-actor fits the given description.

We begin with the most ‘bulol’ or one to stutter, which they said could be all of them, depending on the script. They revealed Maris often treats them to food.  

On the set, everyone can be the source of laughter. Jai is admittedly the most chatty, and Kyo, her roommate, could attest. She’s also the ‘sawi’ or unlucky in love, and the one to struggle in moving on. In the previous part of the interview, she mentioned it usually takes her more than a year to completely forget. But she thinks it actually helps when you feel the pain instead of ignoring it.

Kyo and Jai confessed they got starstruck with Carlo Aquino, who plays Maris’ leading man in the series. “Hindi talaga kami makapagsalita,” said Jai.

Take more lessons about love and moving on in “How to Move On in 30 Days,” ABS-CBN Entertainment’s first YouTube Exclusive daily series, streaming Monday to Friday, beginning on April 4.