Behind-the Scenes: The work-by-the-beach life of “How To Move In 30 Days” stars

Things are looking rosy for Jen (Maris Racal) as her new vlog becomes a success in a recent episode of How To Move On In 30 Days. Thus, we’re bringing you another vlog you’d love featuring the cast and their off-cam moments inside their taping bubble in La Union!

Uploaded on Kyo Quijano’s YouTube channel, the video gives us a glimpse of the cast members’ time on set. The cast can be seen transferring locations and taping early in the day, which can be considered the perks of being an actor. Exploring La Union and enjoying the sunrise at the beach for work? Sana all, right?

We’re jealous of Maris getting her much-needed vitamin sea during breaks. Jai Agpangan was also spotted getting her face paint. Then, they move to the next location, which is a beachfront restaurant, where they introduced the other talents including the actor who plays Kyo’s boyfriend in the series.

Going back to the previous location, the trio of Maris, Jai, and Kyo are seen getting ready for a picnic-like moment. The video cut to Jai’s makeup and wardrobe preparation and an actual take where she’s wearing a maid’s uniform and a traditional Filipiniana costume in another. Jai plays a talent in the series, hence the dress-up.

In the freshest episode of How To Move On In 30 Days, Jen, through her mom Carla (Phoemela Baranda)’s confession and Franco (Carlo Aquino)’s help, seems getting closer to reuniting with her estranged father.

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