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WATCH: The Making of Hoy Love You 3

Get three times the fun and ‘kilig’ as Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo-Yap welcome their first baby in season 3 of the iWantTFC original series Hoy, Love You.”

The romantic-comedy series will stream for free this September 30 on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and website (iwanttfc.com). All episodes of seasons one and two are also still available for free on iWantTFC. 

Jules (Joross) and Marge (Roxanne) are extremely excited to start a new life as they prepare to welcome their baby to their big stepfamily. However, Marge’s pregnancy will not be as smooth-sailing as they had hoped for when they find out that her pregnancy is delicate. 

Wanting to make sure that Marge is always stress-free and healthy, Jules will try his best to take care of her while taking charge of their construction business. But more problems arise when overly-concerned family and friends meddle in their affairs. 

The couple will struggle with the constant nagging of Richard (Dominic Ochoa), Marge’s ex-boyfriend, who not only wants to help in taking care of Marge, but he also suddenly becomes Jules’ competitor as the boss of a new construction firm. The non-stop bickering of Marge and Jules’ mothers, Elizabeth (Carmi Martin) and Malu (Keanna Reeves), will also escalate as they debate about pregnancy superstitions and effective medical practices.

As Marge and Jules learn how to adjust to their new way of life, their kids will also mature along with them as they become involved in romantic relationships. Charles (Aljon Mendoza), Marge’s son with Richard, will get to know Kara (Karina Bautista) on a deeper level now that they can finally make their relationship official. 

But their young love will be put to the test when Charles grows jealous of Kulas (Race Matias), Kara’s childhood friend, who also happens to be the love interest of JR (Brenna Garcia), Jules’ daughter with his first wife. 

More good vibes and ‘kilig’ will unfold in the series with the barkada of Drew (TJ Valderrama), Bart (Yamyam Gucong), and Tommy (Pepe Herrera) - who will experience love at first sight with Agnes (Kate Alejandrino), a mysterious newcomer in their town who they suspect of being an ‘aswang.’ 

How will Jules and Marge overcome the struggles of their first baby together? 

Returning for season 3 is Lou Veloso, who plays Kara’s strict lolo, and new cast member Donna Cariaga.

“Hoy, Love You” is directed by Theodore Boborol and will stream on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and website (iwanttfc.com) this September 30. The series is free for all users in the Philippines and is available to premium subscribers outside the Philippines.

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