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  • Saturday after MMK
TJ Yamyam Pepe Hotspot Hoy Love You

The main source of hilarious antics and jokes of Hoy, Love You make waves of laughter on the latest Hotspot Live. Beshie ng Bayan DJ Jhai Ho was able to have a chat with not just one or two, but the three entertaining troublemakers on the show 一 TJ Valderama, Yamyam Gucong, and Pepe Herrera.

Watch TJ, Yamyam, and Pepe’s exclusive interview to find out more of their journey as artists and their solid friendship as a trio!

After a successful first run of their iWantTFC original series Hoy, Love You, the three of them are overjoyed that a second season was immediately put in order. Pepe even joked that he couldn’t go to sleep with so much excitement that everyone will be able to watch the next part soon. Yamyam and TJ add that they feel grateful and fortunate to have been able to work with the cast and crew again. For them, they have found true friends in the Hoy, Love You team describing it as  “Solid samahan namin. Pamilya talaga.”

There will be a lot to look forward to in the second installment of the show including a potential love interest that the three of them may fight over. Pepe, TJ, and Yamyam also give hints that their individual characters will be encountering challenges of their own in the story. Tommy (Pepe) will be working on fostering a better relationship with Marge (Roxanne Guinoo), Drew (TJ) will be coming to terms with his social media addiction, and Bart (Yamyam) will be tested on how strong his friendship is with the other two.

Before bringing to life such memorable characters, the three of them encountered struggles of their own as actors and comedians. Pepe and TJ both cite their extensive experience performing for audiences as stepping-stones. Pepe has been a stage actor for years in theater and a talented musician so it’s made him comfortable to act on screen as well. His comedic charm, on the other hand, just comes naturally to him so he worked on incorporating that to his craft.

Meanwhile, TJ’s experience with stand-up comedy like that in It’s Showtime made him better at timing jokes and livening a crowd. In preparation before, he would go to Comedy Central and take notes from mentors to improve his skills.

Yamyam is a rising star among the three because he’s still relatively new to the entertainment industry. After winning Pinoy Big Brother Otso, he’s worked on a couple of projects and admits that he tends to feel pressured being among huge stars he would just idolize before. When he joined Hoy, Love You, he was able to overcome this because Pepe, TJ, and the rest of the cast supported him with lots of advice, which helped him boost his confidence. Both TJ and Pepe actually commend Yamyam for his hard work as a newbie actor because he really studies the script and asks for help on how he could deliver lines better.

On the set, director Theodore Boborol gives them freedom to adlib and inject their own jokes. The three even shared that Joross Gamboa, who plays the lead character Jules, is the king of such. Being a natural jokester, the three often had to keep up with his witty off-script interjections. He’s also known to do some funny pranks off the set which make for some hysterical behind-the scenes stories.

In the future, Pepe, TJ and Yamyam hope to have major projects of their own. They have in mind some leading ladies they wish to work with too. Pepe has always admired the work of sisters Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis-Smith so he would love to have a project with them someday. Jasmine, in particular, already expressed interest in working with him before, but they haven't gotten the chance to push through with it. TJ sees himself working with either Solenn Heusaff or Denise Laurel, liking their amazing skill as multi-talented artists. Yamyam, on the other hand, dreams to work with his showbiz crush and award-winning actress Assunta De Rossi.

Before ending the interview, DJ Jhai dared them to do the “Alphabet Challenge” and the losing person would have to answer some fearless questions. It didn't take long for some of them to make a mistake and bare some juicy secrets. We discover where Yamyam stands on marriage with his current partner and what bad smell is something he secretly likes. Pepe also describes his acting experiences further and shares the longest he’s gone without taking a shower.

We’ll see more of them very soon when the second season of Hoy, Love You comes out. It’ll definitely be double the laughs and double the kilig with fellow stars Joross Gamboa, Roxanne Guinoo, Karina Bautista, Aljon Mendoza, and many more joining once again.