• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
Put A Finger Down with Hoy Love You 3 stars

Joross Gamboa never ceases to make us laugh big time. And when joined by his “Hoy Love You 3” co-stars Karina Bautista, Brenna Garcia, Yamyam Gucong, TJ Valderama, and Race Matias for their version of a TikTok trend, we get thrice the laughtrip!

Kapamilya Chat asked the gang to take on the viral “Put A Finger Down” Challenge, in which they have to put a finger down if they answer “yes” to the given question.

One highlight of the game is Joross jestingly going berserk when asked if they’re “topakin.” Then, TJ had a witty justification to texting “on the way na ako” even if he’s really not, saying, “Kasi ‘pag nagbibihis ka, parte pa rin ‘yun ng on the way. Nasa early stage ka pa lang.” 

Karina and Brenna are admittedly the type of friends who can be invited anywhere, or “kaladkarin” as they put it. As Brenna recalled, there was a time Karina still showed up even when invited at a moment’s notice and even if she was already done with her skincare routine at home. Meanwhile, Brenna is also game for spontaneous meet-ups since most of her friends just live nearby.

For TJ, he remembered his dad invited him to a random ice skating session. To his surprise, they went to a mall in Cebu City, and later on, he realized his dad went there for an official business trip.

Check out more amusing revelations from the “Hoy Love You 3” cast in the video!