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  • Saturday after MMK
Roxanne Guinoo mug collection

How do you keep travel memories fresh? Some would take lots of photos or vlog about the trip. But for Roxanne Guinoo, the best travel memorabilia are mugs collected from different destinations.

As shared in an episode of Kapamilya Chat, Roxanne started her collection with a pair of coffee mugs that she and her sister used whenever they visited their father in Saudi, where he worked as an aircraft mechanic. She said just looking at the mugs would remind her of memories of their sisterly bond.

Then she thought of mugs as good travel souvenirs. She has mugs from her trips in China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. Her favorites are the huge Hello Kitty mug and the Minnie and Mickey pair. There was a time when she gifted her co-stars and staff with mug souvenirs personalized with their show’s logo.

But the most precious items in the bunch is one gifted by her mother-in-law, and one that has her husband Elton Yap’s photo.

The Hoy Love You star plans to make a showroom for her collection, saying it’s hard to organize fragile collections when you have little kids around. At the moment, there are approximately 50 mugs in her storage cabinet and it will grow more, knowing her love for traveling.