• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
Roxanne Joross Hotspots First and Last Challenge

Star Circle Quest alumni and recurring love team Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo are about to star together again in the newest iWant series “Hoy Love You,” through which they will be giving kilig vibes again to the loyal “JoRox” fans. And they’re able to talk about their characters and experiences in working on the project in the latest episode of Hotspot!

Roxanne and Joross also played the First and Last Challenge, wherein they shared a couple of fun and interesting trivia about them.

For the first question, they were asked about the first thing that they do in the morning. Roxanne said that she goes to the bathroom to pee while Joross said that he prays after waking up in the morning.

Next was about the last time they got kilig. She revealed that she got kilig over Korean actor Lee Min Ho and that she really loves watching Korean movies even before huge hype for K-Dramas came. Joross, on the other hand, jestingly disclosed that the last time he got kilig was when he peed.

Afterwards, they recalled how young they were when they had their first romantic relationship. Roxanne shared it was during her romantic affair with Joross, while he reminisced that it was during his first year in high school. Meanwhile, the last time they said ‘I love you’ to someone was to their partners, which they also always tell to their respective children and, of course, to the JoRox fans.

Moving on to their first heartbreak, Joross said his first heartbreak happened because of school, while it was during those times when she got rejected from her commercial auditions for Roxanne.

And since all of us didn’t get to travel the past year because of the pandemic, the last trip they had was she flew to Dubai with her husband, while it was in South Korea for Joross.

When it comes to their first celebrity crush, she did not deny that it was the late Rico Yan for her, while it was Sheryl Cruz and Ruffa Gutierrez for him.

They also shared the last time that they cried. For Roxanne, it was because of K-Drama, while Joross said it was during a taping.

Don’t miss this exciting comeback of the #JoRox love team in the newest series “Hoy, Love You” which will be streaming for free on iWant starting January 18.