• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
Here’s proof of Joross and Roxanne’s endless chemistry and compatibility!

Born on the first season of the reality talent search Star Circle Quest, the JoRox tandem of Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo blessed us with light-hearted ‘kilig’ during the early 2000s. Their undying chemistry is something we will never get tired of watching. 

While they aren’t the end game in real life, Joross and Roxanne remained good friends. Their friendship kept the chemistry alive to this day. And we’re about to see that electrifying JoRox screen romance anew via iWant TFC series “Hoy! Love You!.”

To promote their reunion project, the exes guested on Kapamilya Chat and played a fun compatibility game.

If going on a trip, they’d both prefer the beach over the mountains. Now both blessed with kids, they’ve turned to home bonding especially in quarantine, so it’s movie time over outdoor concerts for them.

They chose singing over dancing. Joross, whose ticket to the industry is his suave moves, jested that old age waned his energy for dancing.  They’re both into mobile than PS4 games, especially Joross who ventured into game streaming with his friends Rayver Cruz, Eruption, Marco Gumabao, and Zaijian Jaranilla. Call them Team JERMZ!

Joross and Roxanne can leave the city for a more relaxed life in the province. But it would depend on the circumstances. He likes the sunset’s romantic vibes while she loves the sunrise’s exuberance more.  Asked if it’s lights on or lights off, they said they’d rather keep the place illuminated.

On food, her taste buds prefer ‘adobo’ while his would love the sourness of ‘sinigang.’ She chose ‘ampalaya’ while he went for ‘okra.’ Joross, a pescatarian, settled for Japanese food while Roxanne, a k-drama addict, picked Korean cuisine.

After all these years, Joross and Roxanne remain compatible, as a loveteam and friends!