• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
Fan questions with KarJon

Hoy Love You 3“ stars Karina Bautista and AljonMendoza delight their fervid supporters by responding to the questions they sent. It also doubled as a chance to get to know the loveteam again since there will always be new things to discover about them as they continue to evolve as artists. 

For one, they have new favorite hobbies. Aljon enjoys chilling on a hammock during breaks on set and he’s also trying his hands at painting. As for Karina, she’s taking ice hockey seriously and expressed in previous interviews her ambition to represent the country in international competitions. 

On the book that recently changed their lives, Karina went for “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life,” which features interviews with centenarians and their tips for achieving true contentment, success, and happiness. It was recommended by co-star TJ Valderama. Meanwhile, Aljon still goes for “The Bible” as the best book to read. 

When it comes to movies, Karina prefers Korean films, sci-fi, and action, while Aljon will go for anything horror. 

If they were to star in a teen drama, he would like to be castmates with his fellow Rise Artists because it must be fun working with his closest friends. Karina dreams to act alongside her good friend and co-PBB alum Kaori Oinuma, as well as Francine Diaz since people notice their similarities in looks and personality. 

Other than a teen drama, Karina lists down a fantasy series, specifically “Dyesebel”, on her bucket list, as well as an action project. Aljon likewise dreams to do an action show or maybe an action-comedy ala “The Adventures of Pedro Penduko.” Of course, they will always have a strong penchant for rom-com. 

Next, asked their golden rule about love and friendship, Aljon underscored “no gaslighting” because it’s the clearest sign of toxicity in a relationship. For Karina, on choosing her friends, she observes how the person talks about others because that’s likely how they would also talk about her later on. When it comes to love, she pressed that people her age must take things slow. 

They also shared their most important life lesson. For Karina, life is all about taking things easy, “Napaka-cliché pero don’t take things too hard. It’s about pacing yourself and enjoying at the same time. Just take it easy. ‘Pag may problems and you can’t control it, eh ‘di pabayaan mo na lang, ‘di ba? Just accept it and you’ll be free.”

Aljon seconded, “Minsan hindi mo nakikita you’re doing great naman pero nagfo-focus ka lang sa mga hindi mo ma-achieve. Kapag hindi mo ma-control ang isang bagay, okay lang ‘yun. Kaya mo naman i-control ‘yung magiging reaction mo.”

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