• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
KarJon responds to the internet’s questions about them

Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza took a break from their taping in Batangas to set the record straight and answer the most searched questions about them.

KarJon was amused to find out netizens are searching “Aljon Mendoza and Sky Quizon” on the web. It’s likely because of their love triangle in Viral Scandal. The two actors showed unexpected chemistry in the series, therefore, scenes of Pogs (Aljon) and Brax (Sky) are still very much visible on social media to this day.

Aljon gamely responded to all questions about his age (20), height (5’10), and his mother’s name, which is Judith. He also detailed the shows in his acting resume. The first series he did was Sandugo with Karina after their stint in Pinoy Big Brother.

What he couldn’t reveal though is his abs.

Meanwhile, to those asking about Karina’s hairstyle for pegs, she said it’s layered cut in brown. She likes her mid-length hair better as it feels refreshing and she thinks it brings her luck.

The 20-year-old actress is born on April 29, 2002, and that makes her proud Taurus, “Mababait kasi kami.” When she stumbled upon a question about her height, Karina tried to skirt around it but eventually revealed that she stands 5’2, adding that fans must stop asking her to join beauty pageants.

In response to questions about her father, she said he is Japanese by blood but American by citizenship. People are searching for her Instagram account, which is “karebautista” to entice a more personal relationship with her followers.

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