• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
KarJon Compliment Battle

Hoy Love You stars Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza sounded like each other’s biggest fans as they played Kapamilya Chat’s “Compliment Battle.” Aljon went from cute to a bit sexy in the latter part, so better not miss this out.

In this game, KarJon tried to make each other break face through flattery. Karina kicked off the first round with, “Gwapo mo sa polo mo.” Aljon replied, “Napaka-cute mong tingnan.”

Knowing he won’t make her laugh by playing safe, Aljon tried to elicit reaction from Karina by saying, “Ang hot mo,” “Ang sexy mo,” “Gusto kitang i-kiss,” ‘Yung collarbone mo nakakaakit,” “Gusto kitang yakapin.” Unfortunately, none of those worked.

Karina tried to make it hilarious by talking about Aljon’s TikTok moves. “Ang pogi mo sa mga sayaw mo sa TikTok,” and his abs, “Excited na kami sa mga pa-abs mo,” “Pumapayat ka na.”

They also tried to be a bit more creative. Karina described Aljon’s lips as award-winning, while he borrowed a line from a popular TikTok song. “Perfect ka para sa akin,” he told her. And it made KarJon hearts burst with ‘kilig.’

Check out Karina and Aljon’s “Compliment Battle” in this video.