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  • Saturday after MMK
karina bautista my rules challenge hotspot

Just like all of us, Hoy, Love You 3 star Karina Bautista also has her own set of guidelines when it comes to every aspect of her life, regardless if it’s big or small, and strictly stick with those. And she bares some of those as she took on the fun “My Rules Challenge” of Hotspot.

First off, when it comes to “friends,” she really dislikes those who are “maarte” or “paimportante”, especially if they’re going to hang out as those people would only spoil the fun. While she loves honest and chill people, the toxic ones are not welcome in her life. Similar with DJ Jhai Ho, she also hates those who would cancel last minute as it tends to destruct their mindset and their plans.

Although she has nothing against about “piercings” on the face since her mom have one in the nose, the young actress simply does not see herself having one as she fears that it could hamper her from getting good projects. However, she considers having piercings in her belly button.

She then disclosed having a small tattoo on her legs, so she doesn’t have any problem with tattoos, and is actually eyeing to have another tiny one. She would have it inked in a hidden part of her body, so that it will not be difficult for her to hide it with a concealer.

As a 20-year-old, Karina is definitely okay with “drinking,” especially if it’s for a celebration or just chilling with friends. But there are instances when she has to decline invitations because of work. As much as she wanted to enjoy her youth, she also doesn’t want to pass up the opportunities given to her.

Karina also doesn’t set a “curfew” for herself, as long as she could go home safe and sound. Since she’s already of legal age, she just makes sure to come home at the right time and to consider work all the time.

And lastly for “jowa,” she wishes that her future boyfriend to be kind, respectful, and very supportive of her, may it be with her personal endeavors, work and the things she believes in, as well as will allow her to do the things she wants. Besides, she also hopes that he’s going to completely accept her for who she is. At the same time, she would also not restrict him from doing his own thing, as long as it would not take a toll on their relationship.