• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
Joross Gamboa’s gaming room

For Joross Gamboa, gaming is not just a game. He takes it seriously, now as a job and a chance to create a community with fellow gamers and artists.

In his gaming room tour for Kapamilya Chat, Joross mentioned that he’s been doing gaming ‘collabs’ with the likes of Marco Gumabao, Zaijian Jaranilla, Eric “Eruption” Tai, and his newest teammate Yeng Constantino. He’s helping Hoy Love You co-star Yamyam Gucong learn the ropes as well.

Joross’ gaming den has the perfect atmosphere that puts him in the zone, thanks to the colorful lights placed at just the right corners.

Here’s something our ‘tito’ gamers could relate to. Since the LED lights can trigger migraines, Joross saved a storage cabinet for his ‘tito’ essentials including menthol liniment and a popular cure-all aromatic oil. He also has a coffee maker in the room.

The other half of the room is dedicated to his wife, Katz’ craft materials that are organized in storage boxes with labels. Joross simply used a green screen as a divider. So to aspiring gamers, his tip is to start small. You can start with cheap gadgets as long as they’re working and eventually improve what you have. After all, what matters more is your love for the game.

Check out Joross’ gaming room tour in this video!