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  • Saturday after MMK
Why Hoy Love You is a hit

It is said that the most important rule of comedy is timing. But for the cast of “Hoy, Love You 3,” it takes more than techniques and talent to create the funniest scenes. 

In this episode of Kapamilya Chat,  “Hoy Love You Season 3” cast members – Joross Gamboa, Karina Bautista, Brenna Garcia, TJ Valderama, Yamyam Gucong, and Race Matias – shared the secret behind their show’s success. They said it’s all about their chemistry perfected by their love for one another. After three seasons, they have become each other's family. And in a family, everyone plays an important role. Joross maintained that it’s their bond and unity that made “Hoy Love You” successful, “Tinuturing naman lahat dito as pamilya. Wala ritong sapawan, pa-star-an. Lahat tayo dito pantay-pantay.”

Viewers can expect thrice the good vibes and laughter in “Hoy Love You Season 3.” In this new chapter, Jules (Joross) and Marge (Roxanne Guinoo) will become pregnant. Since they have to deal with too many ‘concerned’ people, pregnancy myths, and the alleged ‘aswang’ in their community, we viewers can expect total riot in every episode, now available via iWant app.

Race, Kate Alejandrino, and Donna Cariaga are the newest addition to the cast. We also can’t wait to meet Jules and Marge’s baby!

We can expect something new from the other characters as well. Kara (Karina) and Charles (Aljon Mendoza) are finally allowed to date and get to know each other deeper. Thus, we’ll be seeing more ‘kilig’ moments from KarJon!

One interesting backdrop in the story is the hilarious representation of Pinoy pregnancy myths or ‘pamahiin.’ The cast is no stranger to such old-school beliefs. Yamyam, who just welcomed his first baby with his non-showbiz partner last February, shared that people in their province believe that pregnant women must stay at home during full moon to avoid miscarriage.

TJ also recalled the ‘pamahiin’ that touching a pregnant woman’s belly will bring good luck and it’s a bad thing to eat the leftovers of a pregnant woman.

More of these superstitious beliefs will be tackled in the show, of course, sitcom style. The cast promises that “Hoy Love You 3” is like a full-length film that will make us laugh and fall in love from the first to the last episode.

Hoy, Love You 3,” directed by Theodore Boborol, is now streaming on iWantTFC.