• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
Hoy Love You 3 cast plays “Guess the Baby Pic” game

Here’s proof that the stars of Hoy Love You 3 have been cute and amusing since birth!

In this game, the cast members will guess which co-star is on the displayed baby picture. The first photo was in black and white and had Joross Gamboa react in jest, “Black and white, so mga Dominic Ochoa ‘to.” Carmi Martin thought of Pepe Herrera and she was right.   

Next is a cutie who would grow up into an award-winning actress. It’s Carmi’s photo taken when she joined a pageant for kids at 5 years old. She says Cherie Gil won the contest.

The third snap is of a baby boy whose charming eyes will take center stage as a future leading man. Karina Bautista was first to recognize that it was her loveteam partner Aljon Mendoza. Well, they gaze at each other’s faces a lot on cam and that likely explains the familiarity.

“Porke’t panot, ako agad?” was TJ Valderama’s hilarious reaction when mistaken for the baby in the next photo. Joross noted that it was shot by a digital camera, so it’s most likely one of their millennial co-stars. It’s Brenna Garcia, who had no idea it was her baby picture.

Doe eyes are the prominent features of the cutie in the next photo whom they thought was Karina. The correct answer is Race Matias, one of the newest additions to the cast.

TJ’s baby pic finally showed up. He reacted, “Bata pa lang ako mataas na ‘yung hairline ko talaga.”

Roxanne Guinoo’s beauty was evident even when she was a kid. She remembers her baby photo was taken in kindergarten and she was fidgety with her school uniform.

Karina Bautista is a beauty from then until now. She reveals her picture was taken at Manila Zoo and that she was a big fan of public parks as a kid.  The Chinita baby in the next image is producer Linggit Tan, whom Joross describes as, “Ang cute cute!”

Before becoming the versatile actress she is today, Kate Alejandrino is a smiley baby girl. Thanks to this game, we learned that Keanna Reeves was a band majorette when she was young. She confides that baton twirling fascinated her more than scouting in fifth grade.

Yamyam Gucong’s photo, on the other hand, was taken during a scouting activity. Moving forward, Joross had quirky comments about the vintage feels of the next baby picture, which he thought belongs to Dominic. “Alam mo sa luma ng sahig,” he joked, but backpedalled upon learning it was director Theodore Boborol. 

The kid in the next portrait may have looked serious in his ‘Cachupoy’ hairstyle but he would become a comedian. Yup, it’s Joross.

The last baby pic proves that Dominic was born to be a star. Look at those gorgeous eyes and nose! His co-stars also noted his resemblance with his son, Sandro.  

Isn’t this a fun game to play at family and ‘barkada’ reunions? Click the video to join the Hoy Love You family in their throwback fest!