• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
Joross Gamboa Roxanne Guinoo reminisce experiences filming Hoy Love You

Star Circle Quest alumni and recurring love team Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo are about to star together again in the newest iWant series “Hoy Love You,” through which they will be giving kilig vibes again to the loyal “JoRox” fans. And they’re able to talk about their characters and experiences in working on the project in the latest episode of Hotspot!

According to Roxanne, this series is something that a lot of people can relate to. It will revolve around the story of two single parents – their characters – who are destined to meet and eventually fall in love with each other. Just like any love story, the viewers can also expect some hurdles along their love story as they have to watch out how their children will accept or will not accept their relationship. She disclosed as well how happy she was when the fans expressed their excitement with the series, so it made her feel that the 10 days of taping were all worth it.

The ex-lovers shared to host DJ Jhai Ho that it felt like the old times when they were doing the soundtrack recordings for the series. They talked about how they didn’t feel any worry or pressure upon finding out that they were going to star together again as a love team in this series since they have always been comfortable with each other. They confessed that they have already built trust, friendship, and respect between them. Joross added that they have recently felt used to it because they already starred together in past Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes.

Pinoy Big Brother Otso ex-housemates and love team Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza will also be part of the series. “JoRox” shared that they admire how professional they are as young actors and they also get kilig with their team-up. And if they’re going to have an advice for them, it would be to enjoy their craft, help each other, and respect everyone around them.

Don’t miss this exciting comeback of the #JoRox love team in the newest series “Hoy, Love You”  which will be streaming for free on iWant starting January 18.