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  • Saturday after MMK
Carmi Martin Keanna Reeves on Hotspot

As Hoy Love You Two starts streaming on iWantTFC, its stars Carmi Martin and Keanna Reeves graced the latest episode of Hotspot to impart their experiences and learnings while doing the well-loved sitcom, as well as to show their knowledge in millennials slang.

With the consistent hype received by the show from its avid viewers, the management awarded it with another season, which truly thrilled and delighted them. 

“Siyempre naman, tuwang-tuwa kami dahil talagang tinangkilik nila sa iWantTFC, nag-Top 10 kami talaga. Pagkatapos sumunod pa, napalabas pa kami sa Kapamilya [Channel] at A2Z, at saka sa online. So, talaga namang natutuwa kami dahil mas maganda pa, lalo pang mas nabuhay, lalo kaming dumami at mas maganda pa ang mai-o-offer namin dito. At natutuwa kami sa mga comment na nakukuha namin,” Carmi enthused when host Jhai Ho asked how she feels.

Keanna echoed it by expressing how glad and grateful she is for the outpouring support they have received, which made it possible for them to have a second season, as well as manifesting that they’re going to run for more seasons. She said, “Nawawala ‘yong aming pagod, lalong gaganahan kami sa next season ulit na gagalingan pa naminat gagalingan para sa mga Kapamilya nating nakasubaybay. ‘Di ba, nakaka-overwhelm?”

Carmi added that they’re dreaming for Hoy Love You to become a regular sitcom in ABS-CBN since the whole cast and crew are already well-bonded and they want to be in each other’s company for a longer time.

While working in the midst of the pandemic has been frightening, both of them find lock-in tapings advantageous because it not only saves the time, energy, and resources of everybody who’s part of the production, but it also allows the artists to be closer and get to know one another better.

The two actresses then talked about their respective characters, Madam Elizabeth and Aling Malu, whose incessant bickering never failed to entertain the viewers. Known for her comedic roles in the past projects she did, Carmi disclosed that she had to watch a few British series for pegs, as well as to practice the British accent required for her character. Keanna, on the other hand, explained how Carmi has helped her in her portrayal through her compelling performance.

She may not be a mom in real life, yet Carmi is still able to display her loving and thoughtful facet through her character Madam Elizabeth, who’s the domineering mother of Marge, played by Roxanne Guinoo. However, she’s not the type who would insult or deride other people for her own interest. Meanwhile, Keanna is also able to relate with Aling Malu when it comes to being protective to her family and being talkative, but not with how resentful she is.

Since their ensemble cast includes teen stars Karina Bautista, Aljon Mendoza, and Brenna Garcia, DJ Jhai Ho asked the two actresses how they guide them. According to Carmi, she focuses on guiding Karina by relaying everything that she learned from the Star of All Seasons Vilma Santos-Recto. 

Keanna chimed in by sharing how she’s learning a lot from the veteran thespian and how she admires her thoughtfulness for all the cast members. This made her realize that the main reason why veteran artists last longer in the industry is because of their heart for the craft and their colleagues. Thus, aspirants, newcomers, and the younger generation should learn from them.

Carmi also advised the younger artists to always do their “homework” and be creative in preparing for the roles they’re going to take on.

If they’ll be given the chance to switch roles with their other cast members, Carmi jested that it would be with Karina “para bagets,” while Keanna didn’t choose anyone because she knows in herself that she cannot do how her castmates play their characters. 

When asked how they would describe Hoy Love You Two, Carmi uttered “exciting” and “titillating”, while Keanna said “perfect,” as what their producer Linggit Tan-Marasigan described their ensemble.

With regards to working with lead stars Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo, both of them shared that they already knew that Joross is a certified prankster after having the chance to work with him or see him in the past years, so it was easy for them to be comfortable with him. On the other hand, it’s Carmi’s first time working with Roxanne, while Keanna recalled working with her in the horror flick “Shake, Rattle, & Roll” in 2006 and described how she has completely bloomed into an “ideal mother”.

They then moved to the “Millennial Slang Challenge,” wherein they impressed us with their knowledge in the commonly used terms by Gen Zs, after they were able to correctly guess 5 out of the 7 slangs given by DJ Jhai Ho.

Speaking of slang, the host also asked Carmi if there’s an instance when she heard her name being used in conversation as gays denote “Carmi Martin” with “karma,” to which she responded by recounting that one time on the set of a past project she did.

And since Pinoy Big Brother has recently opened its 10th season, DJ Jhai Ho asked Celebrity Season 1 Big Winner Keanna to give a piece of advice to those who are aspiring to become housemates. She stated, “Ang mapapayo ko lang sa mga mag-a-audition, parati nating sinasabi na magpakatotoo. Siyempre, nando’n na tayo, iba-iba tayo ng karakter, ‘di ba? Hindi natin alam kung magusto kayo ng tao, basta ang importante, ma-present n’yo ‘yong sarili n’yo na ito ka, ito ‘yong ugali mo, ito ‘yong karakter mo, ito ‘yong pagkatao mo. Kasi ang mga tao naman ang huhusga sa’yo kung karapat-dapat ka ba na makasali sa Pinoy Big Brother housemates at karapat-dapat ka bang maging Big Winner.”

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