• Saturday after MMK
  • Saturday after MMK
All the ‘JoRox’ feels as Joross and Roxanne take a sweet travel down memory lane in this Throwback Challenge

Fans of Joross and Roxanne, called “Kultong JoRox,” are off to a sweet travel down memory lane as the exes look back on their throwback photos!

With their undeniable chemistry, Joross and Roxanne were paired during the first season of the reality talent show Star Circle Quest in 2001. The onscreen romance turned real, with Roxanne calling Joross her first love. But after more than a year of playing beautiful music together, they broke up in 2006.

Time eventually healed all wounds and now, both happily married and blessed with kids, Joross and Roxanne managed to become good friends. They’re even starring in a new digital rom-com series titled “Hoy! Love You!” streaming for FREE on iWantTFC this January 18

In this game, Joross and Roxanne got to look back on their most memorable projects over the years. The first photo was taken from Maalaala Mo Kaya “Alkansya” where they played Hercules and Jucel, respectively. It told the story of Hercules, a dedicated family man who took odd jobs to provide for his wife, Jucel, and their kids. The biggest trial came when the couple found out their youngest child needed a series of surgery amounting to more than a million, and later on faced the pain of losing a child.

In another guesting for MMK, Joross played a transgender woman, Sashi, whose decade-long relationship ended when his lover left him for a woman. He fell for Rex (Polo Ravales), clueless that the guy is still in a relationship with his girlfriend, Fats played by Roxanne. The conflict heightened when Rex’s secret was out and he was unable to choose between Sashi and Fats.

The tandem’s first ever MMK episode dates back to 2005. Titled “Laptop,” it chronicled the story of Agnes, a young woman who avoided relationships due to her sickness. Joross and Roxanne revealed they both got into accidents while filming the episode in Baguio. He had a slight motorcycle mishap while she fell from the stairs.

Nostalgia was in the air as Joross and Roxanne reacted to a photo of them with SCQ-mates Hero Angeles, Melissa Ricks, and Sandara Park. They commented about Sandara’s immortal youthfulness.

Check out this video and get all the ‘JoRox’ feels!