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  • Saturday after MMK
JoRox, KarJon on Kapamilya Chat The Podcast will give you kilig and motivation

Two love teams from different generations bring lessons, fun, and kilig to the fourth power on Kapamilya Chat The Podcast!  At the height of the success of their rom-com series Hoy Love You, JoRox and KarJon prove their bond unscripted as they give unfiltered confessions and take on an exciting couple game.

Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo-Yap begin the show talking about their Christmas traditions. Albeit quiet and smaller than before, their celebrations will be just as meaningful as long as spent with the family. They also looked back at their happy childhood memories of carolling.

Joross and Roxanne are quite different people now – more focused on family life. But the chemistry that melted our hearts since Star Circle Quest continues to dazzle on and off-screen. Proving so is the success of their iWantTFC series “Hoy Love You” that got a second season “Hoy Love You Two!”

For the doting parents, their bubble taping was a big challenge for many reasons. First, the homesickness was real. Since they’re busy and close to nature, phone interactions were also limited.

Looking on the bright side, JoRox was happy to pass on their blessings and good vibes to their loyal supporters. The bonus part is that their beach location doubled as a vacation spot for them. The unexpected but very much welcomed reunion with nature reminded them of simple joys. They’d go around the resort, marvel at its beauty, and take on adventures like snorkelling and glamping.

Joross said he saw co-stars Ritz Azul and Pepe Herrera just sitting by the sand without their mobile phones. It may feel uncomfortable to take a break from technology at first but connecting with nature brings a sense of calm and satisfaction.

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Karina and Aljon blessed our hearts with overflowing kilig and made us blush as they got a bit flirty in “The Compliment Battle.”

But first, the beloved pair felt giddy reminiscing about their childhood Christmas memories. We can call Karina a carolling master, with a ton of experience of serenading the neighborhood in exchange for ‘aguinaldo.’ One thing she learned is that giving has nothing to do with the size of the house, contrary to what we assumed as kids.

The Bautista home is loud and merry every Christmas. They would play BINGO, stage their own talent shows (Karina was the star, of course), complete the Simbang Gabi nights, and prepare classic recipes. Sometimes her grandparents would save the special dishes for their visitors, “Hindi pinapakain sa amin lalo na ‘yung mga fruit salad, tinatago muna ‘yun sa ref tapos hindi pwedeng galawin hangga’t walang bisita.” You’re probably smiling because you could relate!

For Aljon, Christmas begins as early as July! Also a kiddie caroller, he even composed a Christmas song with his cousin. 

To make ‘Ber’ months a lot happier for their fans, Karina and Aljon levelled up their comedy in Hoy Love You Two.” They fell more in love with comedy, although they consider it more challenging than drama. Now they’re looking forward to doing more comedy projects in the future.

Karina and Aljon have indeed come a long way since their Pinoy Big Brother stint. But no matter how far they go, they remain the humble and cheerful people we loved inside Bahay Ni Kuya. As a new season opens, KarJon can’t help but look back on their life-changing experience.

Karina and Aljon’s rise to stardom are teleserye-worthy in their own right, and are stories, which young dreamers can learn from. Always fascinated about being an ‘artista,’ Aljon, during his first time in the city, took a photo of himself in front of the PBB house. “Papasok ako dito kahit anong mangyari,” he thought to himself. His words manifested.

Karina, on the other hand, never dreamed of becoming an actress despite her mom’s persuasion. She was focused more on schooling and sports, with occasional modelling gigs. One day, an event coordinator informed her of the PBB auditions.

Half-hearted, Karina arrived solo and late at the venue. She even stepped out of the line to attend her debate competition but was luckily allowed to still continue. She wasn’t as eager and serious as the other aspirants. So when she got in, Karina knew it was really meant for her. “Hindi ko pa man hinihingi, binigay na. Napaka-perfect ng timing ng pagpasok ko,” she said.

KarJon went on to talk about their top memories in the teen edition of PBB Otso. Aljon recalled the challenges that will determine if he’d make it as an official housemate. He won, besting the other three hopefuls.

One of his favorites is the impersonation task where Nyoy Volante dropped by to mentor the housemates. He was tasked to impersonate Yoyoy Villame complete with prosthetics. He was so eager to slay the challenge that he was caught dancing in his sleep.

Getting evicted is also an unforgettable experience for him. When his journey as a housemate ended, Aljon was thankful and looking forward to the next chapters bringing all the experiences and lessons he learned.

Karina also recalled her best PBB memories, one of which is securing a spot in the Big Four. Her fighting spirit was on fire. On a task where she battled against Seth Fedelin and Rhys Miguel, Karina thought she would not let being a woman stop her from winning.

Her third unforgettable event happened in the confession room where Kuya told her she’d make it big and that he will continue to support her journey. For Karina, the best lessons from Kuya are those that come with challenges. It taught her that success is not instant. You have to work hard and take risks if you want to achieve something. She also appreciates Kuya’s tasks that strengthen friendships and reveal their hearts.

Aljon added that Big Brother taught him to always be prepared because life can be full of surprises and that giving up is never an option. “Minsan lang ang buhay. Ito ang pangarap natin, gawin natin ‘to at sigurado magtatagumpay tayo.”

KarJon’s first advice to the new batch of housemates is to embrace the gift of friendship and enjoy the tasks. They only have to be real. There’s no need to pretend and impress anyone. After all, the best way to enjoy the journey is to not be conscious of the cameras inside the Big Brother house.

Karina and Aljon sounded like each other’s biggest fans as they played Kapamilya Chat’s “Compliment Battle.” Aljon went from cute to a bit sexy in the latter part, so better not miss this out.

In this game, KarJon tried to make each other break face through flattery. Karina kicked off the first round with, “Gwapo mo sa polo mo.” Aljon replied, “Napaka-cute mong tingnan.”

Knowing he won’t make her laugh by playing safe, Aljon tried to get a reaction from Karina by saying, “Ang hot mo,” “Ang sexy mo,” “Gusto kitang i-kiss,” ‘Yung collarbone mo nakakaakit,” “Gusto kitang yakapin.” Unfortunately, none of those worked.

Karina made it hilarious by talking about Aljon’s TikTok moves and his abs. They also tried to be a bit more creative like Karina calling Aljon’s lips as award-winning.  

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