Toni finds a new family in Home Sweetie Home: Extra Sweet
Toni finds a new family in Home Sweetie Home Extra Sweet 1

Toni Gonzaga's character, Julie, moves on with life and finds a ‘new family’ in "Home Sweetie Home: Extra Sweet."


"We are living in one house but from different backgrounds. I came from a tragedy meanwhile, Vhong, Bayani, Luis, are the ones living here, while Alex is my half-sister," explained Toni.

In "Home Sweetie Home"’s new chapter, Julie, with her sister Gigi (Miles Ocampo) and brother, Rence (Clarence Delgado), move in to the apartment of their Tita Oya (Rio Locsin) after they lost their house to a fire. Here, they meet their half-sister Mikee (Alex) plus Pip (Luis), Ferdie (Vhong), and Edwin (Bayani).

In the barangay, they will  be joined by the exchange student Hiro (Fumiya), and a caretaker of a pawnshop, Bogs (Yamyam) , and their baranggay captain, Capt Frank played by Bobot Mortiz. 

Toni also expressed her happiness with Vhong, Alex, Bayani, and Luis joining her in the show.

"Just thinking that I will be joined by my close friends and my sister, this is the best Home Sweetie Home setting that I can dream of," she added. 

Vhong, Bayani, and Luis are likewise excited to be in the show since it has been a while since their last sitcom and likewise reuniting with Toni. Meanwhile its their first time to be with Alex in a comedy show. 

Meanwhile, Vhong, who last worked with Toni on a project almost 10 years ago, said he is excited with the reunion and to work with the new cast. 

Apart from the four veteran comedians, the tandem of Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong gets tested in their first comedy stint. 

According to them, they are thankful but at the same time nervous in their first show. Fumiya added that Toni guided them in their first taping day. 

"It was my first time acting and it was in Tagalog. Toni came to me and said that it was fine to make mistakes so I was relieved," shared Fumiya.

Don't miss the new people in the lives of Julie this Saturday (May 11) in "Home Sweetie Home: Extra Sweet."