Toni’s new beginning made extra sweet, wins more viewers
Toni s new beginning made extra sweet wins more viewers 1

Toni's new beginning on "Home Sweetie, Home" became extra sweet as Kapamilyas continued to support her and the show's new set of characters last Saturday (May 11).

According to Kantar Media, more Filipinos were hooked to the laughs brought by Julie's new family as the show registered 27.3% versus Pepito Manaloto's 18.7%.

Aside from winning the ratings games, the Saturday comedy show also notched the number one slot in the trend chart of Twitter nationwide. 

Netizens expressed their happiness upon seeing Vhong Navarro, Alex Gonzaga, Bayani Agbayani, and Luis Manzano, in one show. Fans of "PBB Otso" Adult housemates, Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong, applauded the tandem's performance in their first episode.  

Twitter user @JPValdez2019 said," Congrats to #HomeSweetieHomeExtraSweet for their first episode last week. I'm so happy that all of the famous comedians are in this show. I want the concept of the show, it is like the combination of "Palibahasa Lalaki" and "Ok Fine Whatever" with the moral values."

@iamronnieofc commented, "I'm really really enjoying this new version of Home Sweetie Home! Keep it up guys."

Likewise, @TheArch70456136 stated," I liked the cast, their acting is natural especially the banters of Alex and Luis." 

@BatangBachuchai was all smiles last weekend, "My new favorite characters every Saturday! Bogs X Hiro, happy hearts tonight, thank you!

Last Saturday (May 11), Julie moved into her Tita Oya’s (Rio Locsin) house after losing her own to a fire. Coincidentally, she gets to meet Mikee for the first time after her Tita Oya allowed her sister to stay after the mother of the latter was convicted of fraud.

Apart from her sister, she gained a new set of friends in her her co-borders, Pip (Luis), Edwin (Bayani), and Ferdie (Vhong) plus the other people living in the baranggay, Hiro (Fumiya), an exchange student, Bogs (Yamyam), a caretaker of the ‘pera padala’ owned by Kap Frank (Bobot Mortiz), the captain of the baranggay.

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