How Romeo’s days became sunny and bright with Baby Summer in Home Sweetie Home

First-time parents Romeo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Julie (Toni Gonzaga) are so elated and proud when their little ball of sunshine, Summer, was born. Everyone from their household, to their community Barangay Puruntong, and Romeo’s workplace were so excited for the new blessing that had come to their lovely, extended family.

All the difficulties they had to endure during Julie’s pregnancy – from the massive change in her eating habits to all her outbursts and mood swings – all are seemed worth it upon their newborn’s arrival.

This stage may not be that really special for other daddies out there, but Romeo feels the hype of being in the first three months of his fatherhood journey. Here’s how his life became sunny and bright when Summer came.

Love at first sight

The time he first laid his eyes on their little one, he got struck by love at first sight; his smile seemed to be permanently painted on his face. Indeed the joy and accomplishment of being a father is evident to his whole being. And to mark one of the most memorable days of his life, he took a selfie.

Journey as parents starts

Being novices to parenthood, the couple are both ecstatic and frantic everytime Summer cries. They even got into petty quarrels as Romeo taught Julie the appropriate way to hold her when breastfeeding and arguing on whom does Summer inherited her attitude and physical features.

Sleepless nights

Of course, the whole parenting experience would never be complete without sacrificing a huge portion of good night’s sleep to pacify the baby when she wailed in the middle of night, as a signal of hungriness or overflowing diaper. Despite of sleeplessness, Romeo has no complains for he feels great instead to attend to Summer’s needs from time to time. He would never exchange more time of sleep with more bonding time with their daughter.

Frenzy over baby care

However, taking care of babies is not all about cute stuff, the basics, and play. Whenever they get sick, parents become overly worried on how what remedy to give their little one, especially the new ones like Romeo and Julie. The two didn’t immediately figure out what to do for they let panic come first, but thanks to their friends, particularly to Obet (Jobert Austria) who advised them that maybe Summer had only some gases in her stomach. And it’s gone after she burped!

Parenting at the workplace

What makes being a hands-on parent tougher is doing it while you still work. It’s a bit easy when you have a partner, but what if he/she is sick and you’ve no one to leave your baby with? The solution Romeo came upon: bring Summer to his workplace! Certainly, instead of being too stressed with all the deadlines and papers they had to accomplish, Sir Paeng’s (Ogie Diaz) office was filled with delight and sunshine because of their very adorable and cute visitor.

All eyes on Summer

There’s definitely nothing more pleasurable and more fulfilling than to lay your eyes on your bundle of joy, especially after a hard day’s work. All your troubles and tensions seem to vanish just by staring at those round innocent eyes, chubby cheeks, and toothless eyes. Oh, what a relief!

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