Trust issues arise between Toni and John Lloyd in "Home Sweetie Home"
For the past few weeks, financial issues have created a lot of problems for newlyweds Romeo (John Lloyd Cruz) and Julie (Toni Gonzaga) on the hit ABS-CBN sitcom “Home Sweetie Home.”

This Saturday (May 31), yet another problem is set to arise, with the root and cause being money once again.

School is about to start and there is much more to spend on for the family of the newlyweds. Because of that, Julie asks if Romeo has any cash that she can borrow for their expenses at the moment, but Romeo says that he has nothing to offer.

On a hectic day, Romeo accidentally leaves his wallet at home. Curious because of how the couple has been struggling financially, she takes Romeo’s wallet and finds that he has two thousand pesos in it. Suspicious about where the money came from, she takes the money and uses it for other things, thinking her husband could be hiding something from her.

Where exactly did Romeo’s two thousand pesos come from? Was Julie right to have her suspicions?

Find out on “Home Sweetie Home,” now airing on Saturdays on ABS-CBN at 6:00pm. Catch the Kapamilya comedy shows and make weekends complete, as “Banana Split: Extra Scoop” airs on Saturdays after “Maalaala Mo Kaya”, “Banana Nite” airs weekdays after “Bandila”, “LUV U” airs Sunday after “ASAP 19”, ang “Goin’ Bulilit” airs Sundays after “TV Patrol Weekend”.