WATCH: Enchong Dee challenges Kyle Echarri in fun “Action Telepathy Game”

From impressing us with their deep and insightful conversation in one of the “Honest Questions” episode of his YouTube Channel, Enchong Dee once again invited his Huwag Kang Mangamba co-actor Kyle Echarri to join him in his latest vlog as he challenged him in a fun “Action Telepathy Game”

In this game, they brought their “bro telepathy” to the test by finding out if they are going to do the same thing each time Enchong’s team gave them a word or a phrase. At the count of three, both players have to act out the given word and if their actions are the same, they get a point. The players are only allowed a maximum of five (5) mistakes, and if they surpassed it, they had to eat wild chili or siling labuyo.

Out of the 16 words and phrases thrown at them, they were able to get eight of those correctly. Both of them displayed the same gestures when “ninja”, “playing bowling”, “chicken”, “The Matrix”, “riding a rollercoaster”, “zombie”, “swimming”, and “basketball” were mentioned.

Frustration were indeed evident on their faces and actions as they failed to demonstrate similar stances in “Michael Jackson”, “cheerleader”, “Bruce Lee”, “kinikilig”, “Spiderman”, “Enchong Dee”, and “Kyle Echarri”. But they just laugh those mistakes off and jestingly blamed one another, especially Kyle since he was dreading to eat siling labuyo.

The word “E.T.” was originally included in the list. But since Kyle did not have any idea what it is, they just disregarded it, with Enchong jokingly told him, “ikaw na ‘yong bata”, and questioned his being a self-confessed “old soul” as he attempted to explain it to him.

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