Relationship Goals: Dominic Ochoa shares how to keep the spark alive after years of marriage

Huwag Kang Mangamba actor Dominic Ochoa made his Instagram followers swoon when he posted a throwback photo of him and wife Denise Go-Ochoa. The couple has been together for more than a decade and, obviously, there’s a reason or two that they’ve made it this far. Find out how they keep the spark alive in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

No marriage is perfect – that’s the first thing Dominic had to say. Fights will still happen after a decade. But as they grow together, they also discover what works best for them, and that is being expressive. “We communicate more. We talk more about it.  Bandang huli, mas naiintindihan ninyo ang isa’t-isa.”

Dominic also underscored that too much expectation kills relationships. “’Pag may gusto kang gawin niya tapos hindi niya nagawa, sasama ang loob mo. Hindi naman niya alam kung ano ang gusto mong mangyari, eh. Don’t expect people to know what you want to happen kasi hindi naman sila manghuhula.” It brings us back to the importance of communication.

Time is also a common issue for longtime couples especially when the responsibilities pile up.  Dominic’s work as an actor, for instance, is too demanding. Sometimes he’d be away for almost a month in a bubble taping. Denise is also a busy woman as a makeup artist.

When neglected, the little issues of lack of time can weaken the couple’s foundation. To solve this dilemma, Dominic’s tip is to manage the schedule wisely so it’s easier to squeeze in little dates and bonding moments. “Kahit kain lang sa labas. Kahit sa kotse lang kumain, mailabas lang namin ‘yung anak namin. Minsan hindi kami nagtutugma pero ginagawan namin ng paraan na magsama-sama.”

He said couple and family dates are crucial. You don’t want your routine to revolve around social media or trivial activities at home. Effort makes a difference.

Check out the full episode for Dominic’s tips for married couples!