Huwag Kang Mangamba stars unleash Chinese Garter skills in latest Squad Plus vlog

Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, and Seth Fedelin indeed had extra fun in the latest The Squad Plus vlog as they got to bond with their veteran co-stars in the primetime series Huwag Kang Mangamba by playing the popular Filipino street game Chinese Garter.

Cast members Dominic Ochoa, Matet de Leon, Mylene Dizon, Eula Valdes, Sylvia Sanchez, and Nonie Buencamino took on the challenge of playing the game, and even showed off their hilarious and impressive poses when they were being introduced by Andrea at the beginning of the vlog. They obviously enjoyed as it truly brought them back to their carefree, childhood days.

They were supposed to be divided into Team Girls and Team Boys, but since the number of males and females were not equal, they just decided to play jack-en-poy to determine which group they’re going to be part of.

The first team was composed of Seth, Andrea, Mylene, Dominic, and Eula, while the other team was comprised of Francine, Sylvia, Matet, and Nonie. The team of Andrea went first since they all won the jack-en-poy. For the first three rounds, they were all able to jump over the garter, until Dominic and Eula tripped over it. Dominic was pressured because he always went next to Seth who effortlessly jumped over the garter.

On the sixth round, they stopped the game because it rained, so Dominic took over the vlog. They continued the game later on and proceeded to the seventh round. Andrea, Mylene, and Seth battled it out. Seth was able to jump over the garter on the seventh round but he fell short. Both Andrea and Mylene showed their impressive flexibility skills as they cartwheeled their way to Round 11.

Francine’s group went next and they also did well until the fourth round. For the fifth round, all team members except Nonie were able to survive. For round six, Matet also wasn't able to successfully jump over the garter. Francine also didn’t survive the 7th round.

The only one who was able to reach the final round was Sylvia, who also amazed the whole cast because of her ability to do cartwheels.

Click on this video to see the fun happenings in this Chinese Garter game with the Huwag Kang Mangamba tars.

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