Huwag Kang Mangamba star Dimples Romana shares life as a hands-on working mom, entrepreneur

One of the most sought-after actresses in the country, Dimples Romana, can certainly be the real-life wonder woman that many women, especially moms, can take inspiration from. Aside from continuously astounding us with her impeccable acting prowess, the 36-year-old actress is also just as exceptionally good in putting up and managing a business. But most importantly, she is able to show the best of herself when she takes care and loves her children.

In this episode of PUSH Bets Live, the Huwag Kang Mangamba star imparted how she juggles being a hands-on super mom, being an in-demand actress and host, and being an entrepreneur.

After working on the inspirational drama series Huwag Kang Mangamba, she will be busier as part of the cast of the upcoming drama series Viral, which they’re going start shooting. Aside from spending time with her family, the veteran actress shared three main things that she has been focusing on the most, especially since the height of the pandemic – first, it’s being able to continue her work as an actress and provide work for her team, at the same time as they get to film non-branded and branded vlogs and online content; second, it’s really going out of her way to be able to help others; and last, it’s staying healthy and keeping her family safe and healthy as well.

As a mom, Dimples shared that she always tries to know well what his son Alonzo’s likes are and what are the things that he wants to do. As for her eldest, Callie, the Kapamilya actress said she couldn’t believe she is finally graduating high school. According to her, her firstborn was supposed to leave for Australia by the end of the year, but they decided to postpone it and have her attend online school for college this year instead, and then let her leave for Australia next year just to make sure she’s already fully vaccinated before she goes.

Meanwhile, Dimples described herself as a very simple mom. “It takes very little to make me happy,” the actress said, as she emphasized that just keeping her family safe and in good health would already be enough for her. Although this is only what she wishes for this Mother’s Day, she is certain that her beloved family would have something prepared as a surprise for her, knowing how thoughtful they were.

Aside from being a very hardworking actress and a very dedicated mom, she also makes use of her time in investing and doing things she’s passionate about, like starting a business. Just in case you missed it, Dimples recently shared that he opened a restaurant in Singapore called Alegria Singapura, which is just perfect for foodies.

According to the restaurateur, the dining spot offers a very wide variety of food that’s just perfect for everyone with different cultural backgrounds, as their menu offers dishes with a fusion of Latin, European, and Asian influences. And Dimples is just very grateful to have been helped and surrounded by the best business partners who guided her and supported her in this venture. She also shared that they are definitely looking forward on expanding to other countries, so they could also be able to help more people by giving them jobs.

Being business savvy apparently runs in Dimples’ family, as her daughter has also launched her own business at the age of 17, which Dimples shared is a collaborative movement that helps local artisans to showcase their work.

When asked how she inspires her children to be business-minded or financially smart, the seasoned actress simply answered “I just let them be”, adding that she and her husband Boyet just really make sure that they lead by example to their children. Besides, they have also taught their children to learn from their mistakes and grow from there, as well as give them their freedom of speech and choice. Thus, they would always let both Callie and Alonzo express what they think they want, while instilling in their minds that everything that they do has its own repercussions, so that they would be more careful with their decisions.

After sharing with everyone her life behind-the-camera, Dimples was also game to play the “Pinush Ko or Di Ko Pinush” Challenge: Momshies Edition, wherein she revealed the things she already did and haven’t done yet.  

The first thing she hasn’t “pushed” yet to try using her child as an excuse. Next, snooping into her child’s phone since she and her children are very much open and straightforward to each other, so she doesn’t feel the need to do it anymore. She also couldn’t remember saying “because I say so”, since she believes that there’s always a reason for everything.

On the other hand, the first thing that she has already “pushed” was tearing up due to being so proud since she’s a very emotional person. Among her proud mom moments were when Callie already finished her defense requirements, and when Alonzo had his moving up ceremony just recently.

Next, was regretting a punishment that she’s given, as the actress disclosed usually doing it every time she would ask her children to sleep early and eventually realizes that they are actually very active and have lots of stuff to do. She also admitted trying to yell at her kids and often bribing her kids at the same time.

Dimples is also guilty of “Google-ing” her kids’ symptoms or checking the internet if she sees something wrong in her child, but she revealed not doing it anymore because she just calls her children’s doctor instead. Furthermore, she also didn’t deny going to the mall in her pajamas.

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