How Sylvia, Nonie, and Eula pulled off their magnificent portrayals in Huwag Kang Mangamba

It’s been a pleasing experience watching the powerhouse cast of Huwag Kang Mangamba create drama with their different thespic styles. But it’s more amusing to know how the actors managed to portray such gigantic scenes and emotions. It turns out artists have different styles and methods developed over years of experience, although they must keep it flexible to be able to adapt to their constantly changing craft. Even veterans like Sylvia Sanchez, Nonie Buencamino, and Eula Valdes continue to elevate their techniques.

Sylvia, Nonie, and Eula keep their acting techniques flexible. It depends on the role but they often stick to what makes the most sense to them.

Eula, who played the evil Deborah, can easily switch on and off a role. There was a time she struggled to let go of a character and it was too draining. Since then, she practiced how to just live within a scene and avoid carrying traces of her onscreen persona once the camera stops rolling.

“On and off ako, ‘yun ang nagwo-work sa akin. Pagkatapos ng eksena, balik na ulit si Eula. Dati, may experience ako na ‘cut’ na pero hindi ako makabitaw. So, sinanay ko ‘yung sarili na ‘pag ‘cut’ na, inaaliw ko ‘yung utak ko para bumitiw na agad,” shared Eula in this episode of Kapamilya Chat. The talented actress would prepare the night before the actual shoot, repeating the script in her mind until it becomes natural to her.

For Nonie, it’s the other way around. Especially when taking heavy scenes, he needs to diligently prepare and keep his focus, somewhat isolating himself on set. “Depende sa pangangailangan ng eksena. Usually, ‘pag may high emotional requirement, kailangan ihanda at i-relax ko ‘yung sarili ko. Kailangan ko mag-focus, walang ibang iniisip sa labas. Kailangan tahimik ako at nasa isang sulok,” he said.

Sylvia, playing the mentally challenged Barang, tried not to complicate her approach. As the story progressed, she realized that Barang is instinctive, thus keeping it naturalistic.  “She’s not a thinking character. Dumadating sa point na ayaw kong magbasa ng script kasi ayaw kong paghandaan ‘yung mga eksena. Instinctive siya, so nagre-react ako doon sa mga kaeksena ko.”

It’s a different process, though, when donning a heavier character. But for someone like Barang, she can play with the dialogue. Her only focus was to keep the portrayal consistent and modulated. “Mas naging effective sa akin ‘yung hindi naghahanda ‘pag punta ko sa set, hindi nag-iisip. Dito kasi, kahit mali-mali ang dialogue ko, kahit anong gawin ko, pasok kay Barang. Ang iniiwasan ko lang, huwag maging kulang at huwag maging OA.”

The acting titans have left truly iconic characters and moments throughout the series. Asked about their favorite scenes, they would pick those that have unforgettable stories behind.

Eula went first, talking about the groundbreaking of Deborah’s healing dome. It was delayed for three days due to heavy rains. Or maybe because ‘Bro’ Himself wasn’t so happy about her delusions, she kidded. “Tuwing sasabihin ko ‘yung ‘Ako ang sugo ng Diyos’, kumikidlat! Nakakatakot siya! Parang naging joke nga na, ‘Si Bro, nanonood ata talaga Siya. Baka nagagalit Siya, role lang po ito’” she said, laughing.

Nonie’s favorites are those that allowed spontaneous reactions such as the well-crafted scene where he confronted RK Bagatsing’s Miguel for his sexuality. They rehearsed beforehand but it got so intense, thus the improvisation added more richness to it.

For Sylvia, the most affecting performances don’t require tears, only authentic emotions. She recalled that moment when Barang came to Mira (Andrea Brillantes) and Joy (Francine Diaz)’s defense from a quite bigoted Samuel (Diether Ocampo). Then, she gave him a refresher about his duties as a father, telling him it’s his responsibility to end Joy’s uncertainties. “Walang iyakan. Ang simple, pinagtanggol niya lang ‘yung dalawang bata pero tagos sa puso. Kung sino pa ‘yung may problema sa isip, siya pa ‘yung mas nag-iisip.”

She also loves the scene where Barang caught Deborah (Eula) and Simon (Nonie) talking, then started calling them “impakto” and “impakta” like a child provoking her enemies. “Ang saya-saya ng eksena na ‘yun. Sila walang magawa, tapos ako nag-e-enjoy lang sa ‘impakta! impakto!’” The time Barang forgave Agatha (Mercedes Cabral) also had an impact on Sylvia, giving the credit to her co-star.

Their scenes may look heavily dramatic on TV but behind the cameras, each take won’t be complete without the cast breaking into laughter. “Sobrang saya lang ng mga katrabaho ko, masayang kasama. Itong buong show na ito, masasabi ko talagang unforgettable,” shared Eula.

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