Francine Diaz gets competitive in Guess the Song Challenge with siblings

Nothing but good vibes whenever the Diaz brood gather for a challenge!

In a recent vlog uploaded on her YouTube Channel, Francine Diaz invited her siblings – Courtney, Cali, Cameron, Chantal, and Eisa – to play “Guess the Song” with her.

The players must give the correct title and artist only by playing the first few seconds of the song. Whoever grabs the tube after the go signal would have the chance to answer. The first to get five points will win a thousand pesos.

Chantal snatched her first point with “Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo. It got very difficult to play by the second round since everyone was intensely competitive. It was such a happy chaos that Chantal had to use her ‘Ate’ powers to keep order. They skipped this round, and three more, for peace’s sake.

The game got a little controlled by the fifth song. Courtney grabbed the object but failed to answer. Francine would steal and guess “One Thing” by One Direction.

The 6th song, Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” was guessed by Cameron. Little Eisa earned his first point with “Wheels on the Bus” while Cali scored in the next round with “Inferno” by Bella Poarch.

The game was spiced up by everyone’s fierce energy, so much so 8-year-old Eisa had to back out of the game. Ang gulo kasi ng mga Ate niya! Lol. Courtney also appealed her case: “Wait lang! Unfair kasi lahat alam n’yo ‘yung kanta, kami hindi.” That’s why the elder siblings Chantal, Cameron, and Francine decided to give way somehow and be a little less aggressive.

More fun, singing, and dancing happened in the middle. But by the 19th round, Courtney and Cali took on a tie-breaking song. After a few seconds of mental block, Cali guessed “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls and won 1, 000 pesos! The runner-up, Courtney, received 100 pesos.

It didn’t end there. Be sure to watch until the last part where the sisters dropped some witty lines. 

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