Enchong Dee shares morning routine during Huwag Kang Mangamba lock-in taping

We always see him on the go, but in his latest vlog, Enchong Dee let us join him in his indoor morning routine during their Huwag Kang Mangamba lock-in taping. 

Since it was a rainy morning and they are discouraged to go out in their free time, he decided to just stay in his room and demonstrate what he usually does to start off his day. He began by showing how resourceful he is by creating a tablet holder out of the two ropes that he tied in his double decker bed. 

He went on to show how he concocts his preferred iced coffee concoction, which is either non-dairy cappuccino or americano. While waiting for his icemaker to produce ice, the actor proceeded on fixing his bed first, saying that commencing your day through this will help us jumpstart our morning and be peaceful in the evening, then brushed his teeth. 

Once he’s done in preparing his coffee, Enchong then did his meditation on the balcony of his room. According to him, it helps him to relax and calm down, especially if he has a long day ahead, along with morning stretches that helps him release tensions in his muscles and help boost his energy. 

He took a pause to tell the viewers to try doing a 5-minute meditation and 5 to10-minute stretching with matching background music that would either pump up or relax them. He also gave a “budgetarian” tip, by suggesting to have an air humidifier at home and putting a natural disinfectant in it as it could aid in breathing smoothly and in warding off bacteria and viruses that travel through the air.  

Enchong is also one of the celebrities who are fond of playing the mobile game Call of Duty, yet he limits himself in playing at least two to three games every morning because he knows how addicting it could be. 

Before bidding goodbye to the viewers, he did an exclusive fridge raid and enthusiastically showed its content -- frozen bananas, ice cream given to him by co-star Sylvia Sanchez, a pack of kimchi that serves as his “emergency ulam,” facemask sheet from his friend Ria Atayde, granola bar, bottled waters, and boxes of milk. After accomplishing his morning routine, he’s all set to chill and read their new script. 

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