Angeline Quinto gives fans online tour of house pantry in vlog

When Angeline Quinto isn’t busy working on her music or upcoming concert, she enjoys sharing more about her life at home on her YouTube vlog. In her latest video, she  listened to her fans’ requests and showed the inside of her house’s pantry.

As she opened her pantry cabinet, it was filled with various food, kitchen, and dining items. Everything was organized neatly into baskets. Angeline shared that the baskets she uses came all the way from the store Dapitan Arcade because she likes to buy them in bulk.

In her pantry, she places the gallons of condiments or the tetra packs of oil for cooking. She purchases them already in big quantities since it’s used a lot in cooking at home. An interesting item she also stocks up on is cans of pineapple juice. According to the singing diva, it has become a routine in their household to buy pineapple juice and drink it when they are eating seafood.

Angeline also shared some of her favorite food items. She keeps packets of the chocolate malt drink because it’s her go-to drink when she isn’t into coffee. She also showed her bottles of Sriracha sauce. Ever since she tasted Thai sauce, she loved it so much that her manager would gift it to her from time to time.

On the other side of her pantry, she keeps kitchenware instead of food. Angeline first showed her lovely wooden bowls and plates that she would bring out for special occasions. There is also a pristine set of plates that she bought from Jerusalem. She shared a funny fact she realized after buying them, “Akala ko kasi plato, pang-display pala sa pader!” Regardless, she still uses them to accentuate the table setting during events at home.

After showing the whole of her pantry, Angeline imparted some tips that she learned recently about grocery shopping and stocking her pantry. Because of the pandemic, she realized the importance of planning your grocery shopping list ahead of time so that you don’t have to go out a lot to buy food and items you need. She advised others to note everything you need before shopping so that you don’t miss anything. At the same time, people should avoid getting unnecessary items that are not in the list so that you can stick to your budget.

As a final tip, Angeline also shared a lesson she learned the hard way: don’t go grocery shopping hungry. If you do, you’ll end up buying things you want to eat, not thinking that it will be too much or too costly after. So, for her, eat your fill first so you’re not grabbing things you’re craving while shopping.

Angeline hopes that her simple tips offered value to others given that everyone, including her, are still coping with the struggles of the pandemic. She also reminded everyone that a pantry doesn’t need to be massive or grand. It just needs to be clean, organized, and complete with items you need. 

See for yourself Angeline’s pantry filled with snacks and goodies in her vlog!